How many LEGO Harry Potter sets are in your collection?

LEGO Harry Potter set releases

"I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good..."

It has been over 20 years since the Harry Potter series, written by JK Rowling, first came to our bookshelves. Yet even after all of these years, the stories are still being told; recreated in LEGO form. The first LEGO set came out in 2001, released the same year as the film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Each year the collection grows and LEGO has recently announced that in March 2022 (less than a month away) there are four more sets coming our way:

  • LEGO Hogwarts Magical Trunk (76399)
  • LEGO Hogwarts Hospital Wing (76398)
  • LEGO Hogwarts Moment: Defence Class (76397)
  • LEGO Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class (76396)

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So how many LEGO Harry Potter sets are in your collection?

Eleven sets were initially created and twenty years on there are around 110 LEGO sets dedicated to the Harry Potter theme! With the majority of sets released, there is no wonder why it's one of the biggest LEGO themes on the market. We started to check how many we have in our collection, but then lost count...! If you are also a die-hard Harry Potter fan then make sure to try out this fun quiz here.

How do you display your LEGO Harry Potter sets?

When one of your sets gets the attention of the Dark Lord, you have to make sure it's being well taken care of. That's why here at iDisplayit headquarters, we believe displaying your collection properly is an important part of the process.

After spending hundreds or thousands on your collection, you don't want dust to pile up or even worse... the beloved pet has decided they want to play with your LEGO! We have a huge selection of display cases for all things LEGO Harry Potter, including showcases for the larger sets like Hogwarts Castle and Diagon Alley. For the LEGO Hogwarts Moment sets, we have a stackable case where you can display the books open or closed.