Showcase your love of football with these fabulous LEGO Stadium sets

LEGO Stadium Choices

Building a stadium in LEGO mode!

Regardless of whether you call it football, soccer or a kickabout, the love of the great game is embraced globally. However, some football enthusiasts may be unaware that their favourite team’s stadium is often available in LEGO form.

Suppose you’re searching for a unique addition to your football shrine. Why not consider one of the following LEGO stadiums and a stylish and affordable display case from iDisplayit.

Old Trafford LEGO Football Stadium

Old Trafford Stadium LEGO set
iDisplayit LEGO Old Trafford Display Case

The Old Trafford LEGO Football Stadium (10272) is a beautiful commemorative piece that Manchester United supporters will love. Those with a passion for the ground will find a series of small details, including Sir Alex’s statue and the Munich Clock.

The Old Trafford LEGO Football Stadium consists of 3898 pieces and measures over 18.5cm high when built. As well as looking the part, those who enjoy the building process have found the Old Trafford LEGO Football Stadium to offer innovative building techniques that help avoid repetition.

Camp Nou FC Barcelona LEGO Football Stadium

iDisplayit LEGO Camp Nou Display Case

Barcelona has been the international team of choice for many, and its football stadium is one of the most globally recognised. As such, it should come as no surprise that LEGO has recreated this colourful stadium for football fans to enjoy.

The Camp Nou FC Barcelona Football Stadium (10284) is made up of 5509 pieces and measures 20cm in height, and even comes included with its own mini Barca Bus. The set offers a challenging build but is ideal for those wanting to split the workload for a rewarding end result.

Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu LEGO Football Stadium

iDisplayit LEGO Real Madrid Display Case

Real Madrid has found international success thanks to the Champions League and Spanish La Liga. The football club has also attracted some of the biggest names in the business, including David Beckham.

The Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu LEGO Football Stadium (10299) is a set that could be challenging for newcomers but is a must for fans of Real Madrid and the LEGO building. As before, the additional workload can be shared with fellow LEGO enthusiasts and the set is a must for followers of the Spanish club.

The Best Way to Display LEGO Football Stadiums?

Although football fans may only want to construct a stadium, those interested in sports and architecture may want to build more than one, so it’s essential to ensure space is available when displaying the stadiums.

Fortunately, iDisplayit specialise in displays for LEGO, meaning there is a designed case for all collectables, including football stadiums.

Not only do the display cases protect LEGO football stadiums, but they also help collectors display their pieces in an orderly manner. As well as being showcased side by side, the wide selection of display cases can also be stacked, so there is always a way of showcasing your LEGO creations. 

As well as providing display cases for LEGO football stadiums, iDisplayit can provide solutions for most LEGO sets and many other collectables. If you’re ready to get the most from your collectables and ensure they’re not out of sight, then why not browse the many options available at iDisplayit today?