LED Lighting Kits for LEGO Sets

Light up your LEGO with Elegant Bricks


Elegant Bricks are the official UK distributor for Light My Bricks and offer a huge range of lighting kits and solutions for LEGO sets of all shapes and sizes.



From Thanos’s gauntlet and many a Jedi’s lightsaber to 21318 Tree House and 75192 The UCS Millennium Falcon, the friendly team at Elegant Bricks will have what you need.


Elegant Bricks have ready-made and easy to fit kits for hundreds of popular LEGO models.  They also stock all of the individual components and are always available to help you design the perfect lighting system for any model or MOC - big or small!


Unlike their competitors this lighting system is unique - totally modular and flexible so you can tailor any set to your own requirements.  Want USB power?  No problem.  Add more lights?  No problem.  Link dozens of Modulars to a single remote controlled power source?  No problem!



The quality of these lights has to be seen to be really appreciated.  Every kit is lovingly created to ensure the lights are just the right brightness and in the perfect position to enhance but not overpower the LEGO itself.


All these lighting kits are designed to be fitted after building the LEGO, so don't worry if you've already made your favourite set.  Check out the detailed step by step instructions and you'll see just how easy it is to light up your LEGO and bring it to life!



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