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Very easy to put together, and is the first of what I hope to get for my Lego collection! So much easier to dust ????
This Model of a Wedding Cadillac was made for My Wedding.
It’s already been Submitted to 25 Years of Dust.
I’ve took it apart Cleaned, Renewed & Revamped it.
Now put in a Display Case for Another 25.
Gave the Brilliant people at iDisplayit the Measurements.
No matter how Small or Large the Display Case is They all look Fantastic,
They display the Models for all to See without getting Dusty.
This Case is no Exception,
Set’s off the Tumbler Superbly.
Brilliant Display Case.
Another Brilliant Display Case,
As usual went together with no Problems.
This will Keep the DUST off,
Display The Batmobile in all it’s Glory.
These days you Pay for What you Get and this is worth the Money ????.
This Display Case was a Easy to put together,
Sturdy in Structure,
All round Visual of the Fat Boy,
The ONLY Hard bit was choosing between Black Base or White Base ?
Worth the Money.
This Well built Case fits together Perfectly.
When Built you can Lift it ALL up with out it Collapsing.
The Time Machine has plenty of room.
The protective film on panels stops scratches.
All round Brilliant Display Case.
The Display Case is :
Has a Clear View,
Well Constructed
Easy to Construct
Keeps YODA Free from Dust.
Love how this 4cm stand allows the wing to open like it's flying, yet still fits in the display case and looks great
Love how this display case frames the droid and shows it off in all its glory. Well done again idisplayit, another brilliant product
The Aston Martin DB5 is the best LEGO kit produced in my opinion (but I am biased being a great fan of both James Bond and Aston Martin)! It deserves a display case of great quality and this case does the perfect job! 007 would be proud!