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This was my first display case to purchase from Idisplay, it is perfect in every way keeping the model dust free and makes a first class display

Perfect display for this large Lego model, easy to take out to have some playtime and when not being used has a nice dust free place to be displayed in

It looks awesome.

Excellent product and excellent quality

Excellent frames... I have a bunch of them in my collection

My wife bought me this case as a birthday present. Firstly, the quality is amazing, the background picture really displays the Shuttle and Hubble well.

Having built 11 idisplayit cases to date I wasn't expecting the effort required to build this one! Wall hung cases are much more intense/involved than standing cases.

My first tip is to allow two hours for locating, building and fitting to the wall, an additional person to help with the construction would also be a bonus, especially when it comes to fitting to the wall.

My second tip is, on mine at least, that you need to have the rear wheels down to secure the Shuttle to the case hook.

My last tip is to use one of the signage legs (that come with the set) to push the studs into the background, I managed to fit one and then after swearing, clicked the idisplayit provided studs into the bottom of the Shuttle sign stand and used that to push the remaining seven studs into the background.

Overall, it looks fabulous and is a great way to show off this Lego set.

I love this stand, it is so much better than the lego one, the 45 degree angle shows off more of the Space Station.

A couple of drawbacks, the stand is a bit like the Lego one, it doesn't hold the Space Station in place very well meaning any minor adjustments to the Space Station when mounted (e.g. positioning of the solar panels) means the Space Station can quite easily slip off the stand.... there's quite a bit of a learning curve to get that right, along with rebuilding the Space Sataion when it slips off the stand.

The other downside is that when this stand is used with the Space Station case (EC522630NS-BLK) the solar panels can't be in a vertical position because the case isn't tall enough.

The panels can be close to vertical but where i want to display the Space Station (in an iDisplayit case on top of a corner cabinet) it's not ideal that the solar panels don't quite fit in the case.

Overall though, and considering the price, it is well worth the price.

Very good product, easy to assemble and looks great

Great display case! Top quality and good service!

Great quality, well made and fits perfectly. To avoid disappointment, and tears, definitely follow the recommendation and use two people to mount the Falcon. Very happy, my efforts are now proudly displayed in my office.
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