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2in1 Display Stand MK1 for 75192/10179 UCS Millennium Falcon

Price in points: 1056 points
Weight: 5.0 kg each

Up to 1-2 weeks


Acrylic display stand for Lego® 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon (Mark 1).

Remove all of the landing gear struts to allow fitting on to the display stand.
Acrylic display stand for Lego® 75192 and 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon (Mark 1).

Remove all of the landing gear struts to allow fitting on to the display stand.

  • Flat-packed design
  • Rubber fittings to prevent scratches to the Lego model and the ground
  • Easy to pick up stand with model
  • Two display positions (angle off vertical and angle off horizontal)
  • Made from 6mm thick clear acrylic
  • Can lift the model up by the stand

Approximate Size of the Stand:
290mm(L) x 260mm(W) x 460mm(H)

Approximate Size of the Model & Stand in Vertical Position:
830mm(L) x 340mm(D) x 620mm(H)

Approximate Size of the Model & Stand in Horizontal Position:
830mm(L) x 620mm(D) x 320mm(H)

Recommended age: 18+

I bought a stand from another brand and it was dog sh*t
It had a lot of give and I didn't feel comfortable putting the Set on top of it

With this stand the acrylic is thick and the way it assembles makes it a very tight, sturdy stand.

(I had to get the MK1 due to space constraints, but the MK2 is surely the same quality)
200% worth the investment (counting the shipping!)

I ordered this product from Germany, the delivery was fast and absolutely perfect. The acrylic parts were covered with a bluish foil to prevent scratches on the surfaces, and all parts were wrapped in protective bubble foils multiple times. Building up this stand was very easy, a tool and instructions were included. The only tricky thing is to put the LEGO Model on the stand, but I was able to do it alone, and it would even be possible to do it on your own without (!) disassembling the Millennium Falcon. You just need to "lift up" the falcon a bit, by placing it on two big boxes e.g. (the height of my plastic boxes were 40cm approximately). In this case you just put your hands under the model and lift it up on these boxes, no need to grab it on the fragile sides to put it on the stand. Leave a gap between the boxes with the size of the stand. Now you can place the stand under the Millennium Falcon by using the gap between the boxes, and once you have it on the right place you can lift the LEGO model up with the stand (don't tilt it too much) and place it on another table e.g.

Perfect stand for what i needed. Easy to assemble and mount the falcon.
It is recommended to be 2 persons to actually mount the falcon, but it isnt actually hard to do by yourself, which i did.

My gfs sister also have a falcon, will definately recommend it :)
A big thanks from Denmark for such a remarkably stand
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