LEGO AT-AT 75313
Steve Chan
The UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) AT-AT has been released by LEGO and it's as cool as you would expect! The AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) is a four-legged walker famous for its...
LEGO Christmas Sets 2021
Steve Chan
The LEGO store is always a magical place to visit, and this year it's even more so with the arrival of some extra festive sets! These new additions to the LEGO collection are perfect for any fan...
LEGO Home Alone
Steve Chan
This is the LEGO Christmas set we've been waiting for! "KEEP THE CHANGE, YA FILTHY ANIMAL" It's official and the rumours are true - the LEGO Ideas Home Alone set has just been officially...
LEGO Technic Batmobile 2022
Steve Chan
LEGO has announced THE BATMAN Movie sets including the new Batmobile. Four LEGO® sets have been added to the coming soon list on the LEGO website for the upcoming 'THE BATMAN' movie. The...
LEGO Titanic 10294
Steve Chan
"It was the ship of dreams" LEGO has just announced a new release for November and it's a good one - LEGO Titanic 10294 . This Creator Expert themed build is set to make waves at over 9,000...
LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon Table
Steve Chan
How to display your LEGO Millennium Falcon The LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon ship is by far one of the most time-consuming (but rewarding) LEGO builds out there. Putting together all...
Steve Chan
September 2021 - New LEGO Hogwarts Icons - Collectors' Edition set The moment has arrived and the new LEGO Hogwarts Icons - Collectors' Edition is now available from the...
Steve Chan
The Mini Disney Castle Set 40478 is sure to be a little piece of nostalgia for many Disney fans. If you haven't seen the many adverts on TV or online, Disney are soon to be celebrating the 50th...
Steve Chan
"If Once You Start Down The Dark Path, Forever Will It Dominate Your Destiny....” We have three new cases for Star Wars LEGO fans! Going old school first we have a case for the venerable...
Lego Display Castle
Steve Chan
“A dream is a wish your heart makes.” This magical LEGO Disney Castle from the House of Mouse (is this really his house? Wow... Mickey's doing well for himself these days... jealous? Me?...
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