Free LEGO display cases!


How can I get a free LEGO display case?

There's a lot of LEGO out there isn't there? So much that there's pretty much no chance of us getting our hands on all the different sets and developing cases for them.

So, with that in mind, if you lend us your fully built popular LEGO set (that we haven't already covered) for around a month (so we can develop a case for it), we will give you a free case for that set!

We have already given away free cases to the owners of the Star Wars Death Star, Disney Castle, Technic Porsche, Space Shuttle plus many many others.

It's strictly a first come first serve basis for sets we don't already do cases for and available to UK mainland only.

Contact us first to discuss whether or not we can do a free case for your set (or other popular collectibles, the fella who lent us his Hot Toys 12 Inch Avengers Black Widow got a free case too!)

Get in touch if think we'd be interested in what you have!


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