UCS Millennium Falcon (Vertical) Display Case for LEGO 75192/10179

Price in points: 4560 points
Shipping Weight: 12.0 kg each

within 2-3 weeks


An impressive way to display your LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon set 75192 or 10179. This large vertical acrylic display case is designed to be used with our acrylic display stand (sold separately) or the MOC Efferman's vertical stand (not included).


Your LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon is an icon, the centrepiece of every epic space battle. Now you can show it off in a whole new way with our vertical display case designed specifically for the 75192 or 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon! This very large acrylic display case is designed to be used with our 2 in 1 acrylic display stand in a vertical position (sold separately) or the MOC Efferman's vertical stand (not included).

Made from sturdy 3mm clear acrylic, this display case will keep your model protected from dust and fingerprints and be a great addition to your thriving Star Wars collection. It comes flat packed, complete with instructions and 20 screws to securely assemble the front and back acrylic panels with the sides and top. The clear case then rests on the base, so you can access your model.

You also have the option of having a galactic background and floor vinyl added to the display case. The vinyl background and floor come pre-applied to the acrylic, saving you from having to do it.

Please note:

  • LEGO model not included
  • Display stand not included but can be purchased separately
  • The base requires a flat surface to rest on
  • The case is not designed to be relocated with the LEGO inside it

Approximate Internal Size:
900mm(L) x 390mm(W) x 650mm(H)

Fits 112x48 studs.

Printed Scene:
Vinyl Background & Floor

Approximate Internal Size (cm)

Int. Length:
Int. Width:
Int. Height:

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a beautiful display case and keeping their Lego dust free. Website said processing/shipping time is 1-2 weeks. I ordered it Wednesday night and got the case by Sunday morning (from UK to US). Super fast processing and shipping.

I plan on ordering more in the future for my other Lego collection.

This display is amazing. Easy to assemble and damage free. All round view for the falcon in it seeing all detail of the ship. Good desicion to buy this case.
Easy to assemble.
Arrived in 2 weeks well packaged and damage free

Very good product, precise and steady. Fantastic timing for delivery in Italy. Now the Falcon is flying in my room. Great gift.

Perfect size, displays the falcon in all it's glory and easy to put together. I especially appreciate the fact the large front and back panels can be assembled last (if you go against the instructions) as my falcon sits in a small space and you cannot place the perspex panels over the top. So this was really helpful!

Just got my first order. All arrived to Canada in less than one week. All was packaged very well and there was not damage. Quite easy to put together but a youtube video on installation would be nice.

My husband bought it for his millenium falcon set and when he sold it I put my moc of my Ninjago City in it and it is perfect!! it is very easy to build and my lego sets are out of dust!!

Basically this case is a large dust cover. Exactly what is needed for such a large Lego build. It did not come with any instructions. No instructions were needed. It took two people to put together to prevent any damage during construction.

Shipping was faster than expected, only six days to the USA!

Thanks. I will be ordering more cases for other Lego builds.

Shipping was quick and the case was well packaged as others have mentioned. The case was also easy to assemble.
I also bought the 2in1 Display Stand for the Millennium Falcon and the end result is very impressive.
Your Millennium Falcon is sure to turn every head when it's mounted in this case

I would recommend buying some LED lights for the back / exhaust part of the Millennium Falcon. The reflection against the case really adds a lot.

All in all I couldn't be happier with this display case.
Having this on display in your home sure is overkill. But in the best way possible

The delivery was on time. The outside Box was a bit damaged but the case and display stand where packed really well. Getting the MF on the stand was a little bit tricky.
All together it looks really amazing.

Love the display, the dilvery was fast and on time. Box was a little damaged, but it was packed really well inside so no damage received to the actual product.
Will definately recommend you guys!
Cheers from Denmark, this is very well made!
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Great case! I never have to take this apart or dust it, and the power cord for my lights goes through one of the screw holes perfectly!
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