Assembly Square Display Case for LEGO 10255

Price in points: 1380 points
Shipping Weight: 4.5 kg each

within 2-3 weeks


This acrylic display case has been designed for LEGO® Modular Building 10255 Assembly Square.


This acrylic display case has been designed for LEGO® Modular Building 10255 Assembly Square.

This is a flat-packed display case, which requires assembly by screwing together the front, back acrylic panels with the sides and top, using 10 screws provided. The top is secured to the rest of the case. Made from 3mm thick clear acrylic.

LEGO model not included.

Approximate Internal Size:
390mm(L) x 260mm(W) x 360mm(H)

Fits 48x32 studs.

Approximate Internal Size (cm)

Int. Length:
Int. Width:
Int. Height:

This is my first case from IDisplayIt. Bought this one as I was tired of dusting it off every week. I did try about 3 other options from other companies and they all looked bad or the build quality was really bad.
Shipping was verry prompt and I was informed by email of every step of the delivery. Nice to see the integration of IDisplayIt and the DPD delivery works so well.
I was surprised how quick it was delivered, even though the website said 1-2 weeks dispatch time, they shipped it next day, with DPD next day delivery.
The packaging was really well done. I am not worried about it being damaged in transport.

The assembly was verry easy. Only thing that took me a few seconds to get the hand of it was the black base plate. It has a paper protective foil. And it took a little more time to peel off.
The display is really sturdy. And looks nice. The lego set fits just perfectly.
The use of screws to hold the parts together is perfect. Make large display cases like this one be very sturdy. My 5 year old can easily take it down so she can play with the lego. So I am not worried she will break the display.
One thing I would like to see is a way for the baseplate to be attached to the display. So I can move it around more easily. But then again the kids would not be able to take the case off easily.

With this order I also receive a small free minifigure display case. The case is really nice. You just have to assemble it. Since the cut of the material is perfect its verry sturdy and you don’t need to worry it will fall apart.

I can say that I will buy more display cases from IDisplayIt. For all my 12 buildings. Just have to spread the costs over a year, as the price is just a little to high. But in a way it’s worth it.

I recommend the products on here.
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