Angled Stand Set 2 for LEGO Creator Vehicles

Price in points: 240 points
Weight: 0.2 kg each

within 1 week


Angled acrylic display stands to fit LEGO® Creator Vehicles. Ideal for LEGO® Creator vehicles/cars including LEGO Batman Tumbler.


Specially designed angled acrylic display stands for LEGO® Creator Vehicles.

Ideal for LEGO Creator vehicles and cars; examples include LEGO Batman Tumbler 76023.

This is a pair of flat-packed display stands, made from 6mm thick acrylic that slots together. The stands have risers that are 6 studs apart. One stand is 6cm high and the other is 10cm high. Therefore, the vehicle can be angled upwards or downwards.

Angle: 10 degrees
Height: 6cm and 10cm
Material thickness: 6mm

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