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Find the perfect protective display case for your Hot Toys figures or vehicles. These precious and valuable collectables need to be preserved against dust or damage, which is where our display cases come in.

If you want to display your 1/6 scale or 1/1 scale Hot Toys models at home or at the office, then check out our range of acrylic cases, available for everything from Movie Masterpiece figures to your iconic film vehicles. In a matter of minutes, you can assemble and stack the display cases in a vertical or horizontal arrangement, using up spare shelf space, aligning your favourite Marvel superheroes along a wall, or forming a Batmobile centrepiece for your dining room table.

Hot Toys figures are known for their incredible attention to detail, and iDisplayit’s vitrine-style boxes are designed to highlight every intricate feature. The acrylic displays create a captivating showcase that draws attention to the smallest details of your collectibles.

Our display products offer endless exhibition possibilities, so find your next bespoke display case today and get ready to take your collection to the next level and create a display that will leave your fellow collectors in awe.

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