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UCS X-Wing Starfighter Display Case for LEGO 75355

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Something’s coming out of hyperspace… preserve the value of your LEGO® UCS X-Wing Starfighter (75355) model with this exclusive display case designed to exhibit your Star Wars LEGO set in style. This masterful display solution will keep the set free from unwanted dust, fingerprints and environmental damage, so you can create a spectacular centrepiece for your home.

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  • — Direct from manufacturer
  • — Unique flat-packed system
  • — Best quality


“The Incom T-65 X-Wing is the fighter that killed the Death Star. An almost perfect balance of speed, manoeuvrability, and defensive shielding make it the fighter of choice.” — General Rieekan.

Get ready to hit the trench run with this top-of-the-range display option for the new-for-May-2023 LEGO® Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing starfighter set. Whether you want to display your model with the S-foils in flight or attack mode, this transparent presentation box is the ideal size to provide the showcase quality this epic UCS set deserves. The display case also provides room for the buildable LEGO display stand, plaque and additional minifigures on the base.

Soar Into the Stars

Each display case has been constructed from 3mm thick acrylic panels, designed to be safely shipped in flat-packed form with easy assembly. The front and back panels attach to the sides and top using the 16 screws provided. The lid then slots in place, with the completed box sitting over the model. Select your choice of a black or white acrylic base, order your product, and prepare to be the envy of your fellow collectors in no time.

The display case is also available with a unique vinyl background and floor of the Death Star trench so you can recreate the famous finale of 1977’s A New Hope. The background is pre-applied by us, saving you the time and effort to manually apply it yourself.

All Wings Report In

An icon returns in the form of the definitive LEGO UCS replica of the all-purpose X-Wing starfighter favoured by the Rebel Alliance throughout the classic Star Wars film trilogy. This version of the starship is styled on the craft’s appearance in Return of the Jedi, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars original trilogy’s epic finale. Updates to the must-build model include updated wing, engine and cockpit designs, along with a new Luke Skywalker minifigure.

If you’re going to invest in this exquisite brick-built model, ensure you protect your X-Wing fighter with a display case of equal quality. With our customised display option, your Star Wars LEGO set will look fashionable and stylish while on display.

Contents included: Flat-packed display case with a choice of a white or black base, instructions and 16 fittings/screws.

We also sell a vertical display case & stand for collectors looking for a slimmer display to exhibit their UCS X-Wing in and an option if you want to display the model within a case on our bespoke clear-angled stand. Be sure to also browse our range of display stands, ideal for your growing Starfleet collection.

LEGO model & stand not included.

The base requires a flat surface to rest on.

The case is not designed to be relocated with the LEGO inside it.

The base has space to fit 81x58 studs.


Printed Scene
Vinyl Background & Floor
Approximate Internal Size (cm)
Int. Length
65 cm
Int. Width
47 cm
Int. Height
36 cm
Approximate External Size (cm)
Ext. Length
67 cm
Ext. Width
49 cm
Ext. Height
37 cm
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