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100 LEGO Minifigures Display Case

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An extra large tabletop display solution to fit 100 LEGO® minifigures, showcasing every model in perfect detail over four horizontal raised tiers, including 1x2 studs to secure 25 minifigures in a row. Exhibit your minifigures while protecting them from dust and damage with secure acrylic panels and innovative display platforms.

Our advantages
  • — Direct from manufacturer
  • — Unique flat-packed system
  • — Best quality


iDisplayit is pleased to present a durable storage case designed to enhance any LEGO minifigure collection with a striking visual display, featuring four T-shaped raised levels, set inside our high-quality 3mm clear acrylic case.

Our display option is the best accompaniment to your epic LEGO minifigure collection, showcasing up to 100 minifigures with your choice of a black or clear base and raised tiers.

  • The top tier has 75mm height room
  • The four tiers are approx 45mm deep and 800mm long

Admire Your Collection

Our premium display solution allows you to exhibit your collection in front-facing rows, viewable from the side, front and rear angles through the clear premium-grade acrylic panels. The case has been professionally designed as an extra-large display box to be displayed on a flat surface, such as a desk, table or shelf. It can also be neatly displayed alongside similar cases in our range to accommodate other-sized collections.

Studs To Keep Minifigures In Place

Each minifigure is securely attached to the raised tiers using 1x2 studs, which allow the models to be kept in place without causing damage to the feet and fragile brick elements. Most similar competitors use two single studs, which risk bending the materials. Our studs fit most minifigure base types, including black display plates from LEGO minifigure mystery bag/box style collections.

Easily Access & Rearrange LEGO Minifigures

The case is assembled from high-grade 3mm acrylic side panels, which are secured together using the 14 screws provided. The side panels then fit onto the base and the lid slots on top, secured in place using 6 additional screws. The clear case can be easily lifted from the base allowing you to access the minifigures; making life easy for collectors who like to change or rearrange their collections.

Highest Quality Materials

Our exclusively designed Tabletop Display Case for 100 LEGO Minifigures is built to last from high-quality materials assembled in our UK warehouse, delivered flat-packed worldwide with straightforward, printed assembly instructions. No glue or additional assembly tools are required.


Approximate Internal Size (cm)
Int. Length
80 cm
Int. Width
18 cm
Int. Height
13 cm
Approximate External Size (cm)
Ext. Length
82 cm
Ext. Width
23 cm
Ext. Height
14 cm
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