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Welcome to the wonderful world of Be@rbrick figures and premium display solutions! At iDisplayit, we take pride in crafting high-quality display cases that are perfect for showcasing your collection of Bearbrick figures. Our products are carefully made right here in the UK, ensuring that your figures are protected and beautifully displayed for all to see. Join our community of satisfied customers and discover the perfect display case for your unique collection today.

Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, an acrylic display unit is a perfect way to display your Bearbrick figures and protect them from dust, damage, and other hazards. We have created a stackable display unit for a single 1000% Bearbrick, a clear acrylic case for a 400% Bearbrick with room to display a matching 100% Bearbrick, a clear display box for 12 of your finest 100% Bearbrick figures and acrylic plates in a variety of sizes.

Whether you're a casual collector or a serious Bearbrick enthusiast, our acrylic displays will take your collection to the next level and are designed with precision and care to ensure that your figures look like a work of art in your home. So why wait? Check out our new-for-2023 range of Bearbrick display cases to start showcasing your figures in style!

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