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Was able to fit all these in because of the choice of angled and flat, 18cm angled for the x wing 12cm flat for the falcon, Perfect!
Bought a few of these really helps maximise the space you have
Great quality as usual my partner is very happy with how her set displays now
I’ve bought a few of these they’re the best size for ikea units ,can’t go wrong
Great quality and possibility the 2 options included for attaching the stands to the ships really helps with the bigger sets
Bought this case to display a 1/700 scale RMS Titanic. Had difficulty finding a display case with the dimensions to fit said model, until I looked on this companies website. The case might be advertised to display Lego kits but they are also ideal for displaying model ships as well.

Instructions for assembly are clear and easy to assemble. The acrylic resin is flexible to withstand some handling without feeling fragile. Delivery was very quick.

Wouldn't hesitate to buy another one of these cases for other ship build.
Tired of dusting your scale model kits? This display case is ideal for displaying your builds and keeps them from collecting as much dust compared to a normal display cabinet.

Easy to assemble with clear instructions. The acrylic panels are flexible enough to withstand careful handling without being fragile. Delivery was very quick and well within the advertised lead time.

Would definitely buy this product again.
Excellent case, just right size. Packed and delvered with care. Thank you.
I was looking for cases that were truly stackable, as opposed to stackable only if you use rubber feet under the upper case for stability. This one fitted the bill perfectly. the connecting system presents a flat top surface to the lower case that enables the base plate of the upper case to sit securely in place. Easy and quick to assemble, the cases look superb. Cheaper options are available out there, but I suggest that you get what you pay for.
Initially I baulked at the price of this case, but went ahead with the purchase, as reviews were very good. I was glad that I did. The case was extremely well packaged and the components evidently of high quality. Assembly was very quick and easy - the most fiddly part was removing the blue protective sheet from each of the panels. Unlike similar products from other suppliers, this one avoids the obtrusive securing cubes. Instead it uses ingenious fasteners which present a much flatter surface finish - at least to the top surface. this will enable easy and secure stacking of other cases of the same dimension. The end result is truly stunning. I will be back for more.