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Executor Super Star Destroyer Display Case for LEGO 75356

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Display the ultimate LEGO® Star Wars centrepiece and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi with this transparent display case designed to exhibit the LEGO Executor Super Star Destroyer 75356, showcasing every authentic detail while keeping the set free from dust and protected from accidental damage.

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I haven’t seen anything that big since the Death Star” – Luke Skywalker.

If you’re looking for the best way to exhibit this stylish, LEGO® Star Wars scaled-down brick version of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought, you’ve found it. Our premium clear display box is ideal for protecting this intricate replica of the Imperial Navy’s most powerful starship while shielding the vessel from dust, fingerprints and rebel ship incursions.

An Essential Star Wars LEGO Showcase Solution

The flagship of the Dark Lord of the Sith is made to be displayed. Ensure your LEGO command ship is exhibited in a way that meets with Lord Vader’s approval, with a display case that features 3mm acrylic panels and a reliable construction suitable for any part of your home décor.

Each case is delivered flat-packed with 10 fittings and all the tools needed for assembly, with no need for additional adhesives. The side, front and back panels attach together, with the lid slotting in place on top. The completed box is then placed over the model, resting securely on the base, available in a choice of black or white smooth acrylic.

The Pride of the Imperial Navy

This LEGO ROTJ anniversary edition of the renowned Executor Super Star Destroyer recreates the ship’s appearance in the classic Star Wars trilogy, specifically during the space battle over Endor. This city-like spacecraft was the largest ship ever produced by Fondor Shipyards and Kuat Drive Yards, serving as an imposing, massive Imperial capital ship.

The smaller scale of this model makes it ideal for displaying on a desk or similar flat surface without taking up excessive space. Purchase this presentation case today to ensure your collectable model retains its value while looking its best on display. For those looking to exhibit a large-scale replica of the famous Imperial space juggernaut, we also sell an exclusive display case for the UCS Super Star Destroyer 10221.

LEGO model not included.

The base has space to fit 58x26 studs.


Approximate Internal Size (cm)
Int. Length
47 cm
Int. Width
21 cm
Int. Height
16 cm
Approximate External Size (cm)
Ext. Length
49 cm
Ext. Width
23 cm
Ext. Height
17 cm
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