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Power Rangers 30th Anniversary – The Best Collectable Sets to Buy


Power Rangers Collectables

Go Go Power Rangers!

We apologise if you now have the 1994’s theme tune to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show stuck in your head; it is undoubtedly one of the catchiest tunes out there.

Power Rangers has spawned countless toys, action figures, lunch boxes, stationery, and other merchandise over the years, ever since the show became a massive hit on the Nickelodeon and Fox Kids networks. As a result, the show has earned its place in the hall of fame as a true 1990s pop culture phenomenon.

2023 also sees the 30th anniversary of the original series (has it really been that long?). With the recent release of the threezero Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1/6 scale six pack set, now is the perfect time to look at our favourite Power Rangers collectables, including rumoured future sets to coincide with the 30th anniversary.
threezero/Hasbro Power Ranger Six Pack Figurines

1/6 Scale Mighty Morphin Power Rangers set (907476)

We couldn’t wait to assemble our own unstoppable ensemble of superheroes, so let’s start by looking at the latest set, which currently sits on display in our office.

The new collaboration collectable figure set from Hasbro and threezero is the most definitive set you’ll find of the original cult classic characters. We spent hours configuring and re-configuring each ranger into the perfect pose, achieved through the dynamic fully-articulated limbs. Each figure comes with its own iconic weapon, which fits snugly in the hands – the set has no loose elements or cheap parts. While the Core Rangers six-pack is expensive, you can expect to receive the quality you pay for with these cult classic collectables.

Many Power Ranger toys recreate the iconic armour outfits using primary materials. However, on this set, the clothing is hand-tailored from real fabric, with the utility belts, helmets and boots included as separate pieces.

If you want to know the best way to display your Power Rangers collectables, check out our newest 1/6 Scale Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Display Case, ideally sized to house all six figures in a line. This custom presentation case is perfect for showing this valuable set off at home without risking damage to the models or letting the exposed fabric gather dust.

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection

Credit: Hasbro

Mighty Morphin Lightning Collection Figures Remastered Edition

During a live stream on January 17th, Hasbro officially announced they would release a special remastered version of the classic Mighty Morphin Lightning Collection Figures, rumoured to hit shelves in May 2023 to pay tribute to the 30th anniversary.

The Lightning Collection figures (all sold separately for each ranger) will reproduce and improve the original toy line from 2018, the first range produced when Hasbro acquired the Power Rangers toy license from Bandai. The figures are based on the classic story arc from MMPW, with premium painted details, updated pinless joints for possibility, and funky lightning effect decals.

Sideshow Power Rangers Statues

Credit: Sideshow Collectables

Power Rangers Art Scale 1:10 line

If you are more interested in fixed-pose statuettes, check out the Sideshow/Iron Studios range of poly stone hand-painted statues, including White Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Alpha Five, and the wise galactic sage Zordon. It is particularly satisfying to see Zordon of Eltar recreated as a collectable, as the tube-enthroned hovering face really stands out and looks exceptionally stylish recreated in this way.

As for the Power Rangers, each figure stands beside a control panel diorama, creating an enhanced visual for display.

LEGO Power Rangers?

Power Rangers 30th Anniversary LEGO Sets

We have a feeling that LEGO may be about to announce a range of new LEGO sets to coincide with the Power Ranger’s 30th anniversary.

LEGO are yet to confirm what their latest upcoming theme will be. However, the theme does seem likely to fall for release around the same time as the April 2023 Power Rangers anniversary, which Netflix will be celebrating with a new TV special looking back on the series – coincidence?

One of our favourite LEGO IDEAS sets currently gaining traction on the LEGO website is the LEGO Power Rangers Might Morphin Dino Megazord from user ElderHibernatingLamp, which shows a great example of what could be achieved with a brick-built MMPR set, combining five Zords (Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Sabertooth Tiger, Pterodactyl & Triceratops) into a single gargantuan Dino Megazord.


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