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Squid Game: The Challenge

Let’s be honest, most fans of the incredible 2021 Korean horror thriller Netflix series Squid Game found themselves wondering what it would really be like to take part in the show and how long they might survive. Hwang Dong-hyuk’s gripping drama held a profound message about human nature and the dangers of dystopian entertainment, but one of the biggest draws was the array of quirky children’s games the contestants had to play.

Inspired by the hit show, this year’s Squid Game: The Challenge offers 456 real players the chance to play for a life-changing $4.56 million prize. Obviously, the contestants will not actually be killed for failing at a given task, though they will be eliminated and likely extremely disappointed if they have made it into the final stages.

Check out the trailer for the new Squid Games reality show here.

Squid Games: The Challenge

What Is Squid Games?

Squid Game was a 2021 fictional TV series revolving around a deadly, clandestine competition whereby financially struggling contestants were lured into participating in a series of traditional Korean children’s games. On competing in the first task, they discover the seemingly innocent games have a lethal twist – losing can result in death. Trapped on a secluded island, the contestants are subjected to brutal challenges that test their physical and psychological endurance as they face betrayal, moral dilemmas, and a ruthless hierarchy among players.

The series delves into themes of inequality, desperation, and the dehumanising impact of money on society, offering a scathing critique of socioeconomic disparities. It is a suspenseful and thought-provoking exploration of human nature under extreme conditions as characters grapple with the choice between self-preservation and morality.

Squid Game went on to gain international acclaim for its intense storytelling and social commentary, though the creator of the series has been reticent to consider a sequel. Keen to take advantage of the show’s success, Netflix instead commissioned the upcoming “real” version of the game show.

Squid Games: The Challenge

When Will Squid Game: The Challenge Be Released?

You can stream the new series on Netflix from 22nd November 2023.

How Will the New Squid Game Show Work?

Much like the fictional series, the gameshow will pit a large group of contestants against each other in a straight knock-out to reach a single winner. The trailer shows the contestants playing the iconic opening game, ‘Red Light, Green Light’, with several players showing their surprise as they are “shot” with black liquid. We also see players trying to cut the cookies in ‘Dalgona/Ppopgi’ and navigating the bridge in ‘The Glass Tile’. The trailer also reveals the inclusion of other children’s games more familiar to Western audiences, such as ‘Battleships’.

Squid Games: The Challenge

Those with ambitions to win the show must also navigate the complex politics of the group, with all the players forced to bunk together between games in the vast waiting room. The showrunners were actually criticised during production as several players suffered from real health problems due to the conditions, which were intensified by the UK’s unseasonal cold snap at the time of filming.

Squid Games: The Challenge

It remains to be seen how successfully the show can emulate the fictional series without the horror stakes, though it should merit a watch for Squid Game fans.

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