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The Mandalorian Season 3 Premieres on March 1st


The Mandalorian Season 3

Warning: Spoilers ahead for all seasons of The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Star Wars fanbase could usually be split between two camps: those who liked the sequel trilogy and those who didn’t.

In 2019, Jon Favreau and his team managed to heal the rift to a certain extent with a new Disney+ TV show set after the events of the original trilogy. Garnering near-universal praise for its cinematography, writing and authentic Star Wars-style storytelling beats, The Mandalorian has become one of the stand-out franchise successes of the Disney era for fans and critics alike.

Whoever first thought up the idea to include the unbearably cute character of The Child – real name Grogu and popularly nicknamed Baby Yoda – should be treated like royalty in the Disney offices. We can’t remember the last time a Star Wars character enjoyed such commercial success in the form of LEGO, plush toys, and other memorabilia, even among non-Star Wars fans. We have a few versions of everyone’s favourite little green alien decorating our own office, as pictured below!

In today’s blog, we’ll be recapping the last few seasons of the show and looking ahead to Season Three.

Grogu The Child Mandalorian balloon Hot Toys

What Happened in Seasons One and Two of The Mandalorian?

The first season introduced us to Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin (Mando), a grim and reticent bounty hunter who dons the iconic Mandalorian armour and Beskan steel helmet we first saw on Boba Fett back in the 1980s Star Wars instalment The Empire Strikes Back. After being offered a special bounty assignment, Mando is tasked with capturing The Child, an infant with unique connections to Star Wars mythology. They are one of the few creatures from Grand Jedi Master Yoda’s mysterious species present in the universe, with an unnaturally strong connection to The Force. While the species has never been officially named, many theorise they are the Whills, first referred to by George Lucas in early Star Wars drafts.

After the bounty droid Mando teams up with tries to kill The Child, our antihero breaks his nature to save the infant, eventually taking on the role of a father figure. Following plenty of side quests and adventures, Mando comes into conflict with the remnants of The Empire, led by Moff Gideon (played to unnerving perfection by Giancarlo Esposito). Following a climactic battle in the final episode, the Mandalorian seemingly defeats Moff Gideon, only for viewers to see the villainous commander pull himself free from the wreckage of his TIE Fighter.

In the second season, Mando accepts the task of returning The Child to the Jedi Order, now almost extinct and scattered throughout the galaxy following the Order 66 purge. Throughout the series, viewers are treated to an epic amount of lore relating to the Mandalorian order and the Darksaber, a legendary weapon in the hands of Moff Gideon. Viewers are also exposed to the heart-wrenching destruction of the iconic Razor Crest starship, though most cheered up when introduced to Mando’s new modified Naboo Starfighter, making a sensational first appearance since 1997’s The Phantom Menace.

In the season’s explosive finale, Mando and Grogu are saved from Gideon and his Dark troopers (more reimagined villains harking back as far as the Dark Forces PlayStation game series) by non-other than Luke Skywalker and faithful droid R2-D2. This was undeniably one of the most thrilling moments in Star Wars history.

The Mandalorian LEGO sets

What Will Season Three of The Mandalorian Be About?

During its 7-episode run, the Disney+ Star Wars spinoff show The Book of Boba Fett treated us to a few scenes of Grogu being trained in the ways of the force by Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker. Given a choice between taking Yoda’s lightsaber and becoming a Jedi or returning to Mando, Grogu chose the latter.

Din Djarin – now in possession of the Darksaber – will resume his journey to Mandalore to rid his homeworld of the Imperial Remnant. Recent trailers indicate he is doing this to atone for his sins, which likely relates to his expulsion from the Children of the Watch and his desire to undertake a journey to the lost world of Mandalore (almost in the form of a religious pilgrimage). It is also likely he will lock blasters with Bo-Katan Kryze, who seeks the Darksaber to legitimise her claim to the planet’s throne.

We’ll also see the continuation of other side stories, such as Carl Weather’s Greef Karga and his attempts to expand his control of the Outer Rim. One of the most exciting shots from the trailer is a brief flashback to a group of Jedi knights during the attack on the Jedi Temple during The Revenge of the Sith. It’s no coincidence Grogu is starting to remember what happened when he fled the temple, and we can’t wait to see how it all works out. Perhaps the series is building up to another cameo of Hayden Christensen (following his appearance in Kenobi) as pre-Mustafar/pre-armour Darth Vader?

Star Wars Manalorian displays

How To Display LEGO and Hot Toys Mandalorian Sets

The UCS LEGO Razor Crest 75331 and smaller LEGO 75292 continue to trend among Star Wars LEGO fans, adding an unmistakable sci-fi style to shelves and desks. Check out our selection of display cases and stands for the models, including different sizes and additions. For something truly special, consider displaying your Razor Crest model in our XL display case, complete with a printed background in the style of desert planets such as Tatooine.

We also sell a bespoke presentation case for the recent Mandalorian N-1 Starfighter 75325 set and a display solution for The Mandalorian Helmet LEGO 75328.

Hot Toys collectable figure enthusiasts will want to check out our 1/1 Scale The Child (Life Size) Display Case for Hot Toys LMS013 and our Mandalorian & The Child Display Case for Hot Toys TMS 015. Both these display cases are perfectly sized to house the replica models, including all accessories and display plinths.


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