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Top Ten Harry Potter Gifts for Christmas


Harry Potter christmas Gifts 2022

Few sagas feel more Christmassy than Harry Potter. The first film in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, came out during the 2001 November Christmas run-up, with other movies similarly released in subsequent years. Christmas celebrates nostalgic old-world traditions, with Tudor and Victorian-esque Christmas cards and environments evoking a cosy, nostalgic idea of winter.

The Harry Potter books feature plenty of Christmas scenes and celebrations, all taking place in the idealistic medieval castle setting of Hogwarts. This, combined with childhood memories of receiving Harry Potter gifts and books on Christmas Day, has created a strong connection between the festive period and the series for many fans.

With this in mind, we thought we would look at some of our favourite Harry Potter-themed affiliate gifts for the Christmas period. All prices are correct at the time of blog publication…

Harry Potter Baking Cook Book 2022

Harry Potter Official Baking Book


This baking book contains 45 recipes inspired by the films, from Time-Turner Crackers to Sorting Hat Cupcakes.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Maroon Rucksack

Harry Potter Hogwarts Backpack


A maroon Gryffindor-style backpack with the Hogwarts logo and sturdy leather straps.

Harry Potter Ultimate Movie Quiz Game

Ultimate Harry Potter Movie Quiz

£25.00     £20.00

Test your knowledge against friends and family – perfect for Christmas Day evening!

Hogwarts Harry Potter Edible Chocolate Wand

Harry Potter Chocolate Wand


A great stocking filler, including a fun spell sheet.

Harry Potter Merchandise Savings Book

Harry Potter Hogwarts Savings Bank

£10.99     £9.99

Get the new year off to the best start by saving your spare pounds, pennies, knuts, sickles and galleons for a rainy day.

Harry Potter Themed Chess Set - All Ages

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set


This beautiful chess set is based on the film sequence from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

3D Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzle

3D Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

£35.00    £30.00

This 197-piece 3D puzzle is the perfect activity for a quiet boxing day, with no assembly tools required.

Harry Potter Gift Idea - Costume Tie

Harry Potter Tie

£15.00     £4.50

This is meant for children, but let’s be honest, you might be tempted to wear it to work yourself!

Hedwig Bookmark - Harry Potter Gift 2022

Harry Potter Hedwig Bookmark


A nifty bookmark featuring a 3D Hedwig owl to watch over your stories.

Hogwarts Ravenclaw Themed Mug Blue

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Collectable Tankard

£60.00     £24.99

Cheers, how about another drink? It’s only 10 am on Christmas day!


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