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Upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine Movie Toy Tie-Ins


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It’s been a while since we’ve had the pleasure of Deadpool’s sarcastic, shoot first ask questions later ways. 2018 was his last outing and Wolverine, well he hit our screens in 2017 in Logan, which was the tenth X-Men instalment and the third and final Wolverine movie in the trilogy. At this point, Hugh Jackman hung up the claws and retired from the role of Wolverine.  


So, what do we know about this upcoming July release? We ascertain that Deadpool is battling the TVA (Time Variants Authority) as seen in Loki and Paradox (one of the time variants) and seems to have realised that Wade Wilson was messing about with time and space (see Deadpool 2) and wants him to become the “hero among heroes”. Hugh Jackman has come back from Wolverine retirement for this role and he is back in the 1990’s classic blue and yellow look. The X-Men animated series ran from 1992-1997 and has made a comeback on Disney+ (20th March 2024) as X-Men ’97 and it picks up where the old series left off, mourning the death of Charles Xavier. There have been various little teasers that lead us to believe that this mash-up movie will have X-Men from days of old. We see Beast making a cameo in The Marvels and he looked more akin to the cartoon version than he did to his appearance in The Last Stand. Also, when Professor X paid a visit to Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, he appeared in his yellow hover chair which he had in the cartoon, as opposed to the wheelchair from the previous movies. In the trailer for the movie, we are teased a shot of the back of a bald head which is potentially that of the Mummudrai Cassandra Nova thus providing the baddie element to the movie.

In preparation for the movie release on 25th July 2024, Hasbro has released two action figures in the Marvel Legends Deadpool Legacy series, Wolverine and Deadpool, available for pre-order with an expected release date in July. These are beautiful 6” figures with 20 points of articulation and they come with various accessories; for example, Wolverine comes with an additional head sculpt and Deadpool has his trusty unicorn amongst other things. We haven’t heard anything about new Hot Toys releases in conjunction with this movie but the previous 1/6 Scale Hot Toys Deadpool 2 action figure is highly recommended.

Over the past year or so, LEGO has produced a selection of relatable sets including a Wolverine Construction Figure (76257) a Wolverine Mech Armour (76202) and more recently the X-Men X-Jet (76281) and Wolverine's Adamantium Claws (76250). These sets are aimed at a variety of ages and abilities so it’s neat that LEGO have taken this route. There is no legitimate LEGO Deadpool figure (which is understandable as he is not exactly kid-friendly), however, there are various flego and fan-made renditions out there, and some of them are quite impressive.

Are you looking forward to this July release, if not this one then is there anything you can’t wait to watch? Let us know in the comments.


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