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The Best Replica Lightsabers Money Can Buy


Replica Lightsaber Toy Collectables

“This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon for a more... civilised age.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope.

The lightsaber is arguably the most iconic sci-fi weapon ever conjured from the human imagination, a perfect nod to the mythologised ideal of noble, samurai-inspired swordplay in a galaxy filled with blasters and thermal detonators.

In many ways, the early design of the lightsaber was inspired by the TV sci-fi shows Star Wars director George Lucas watched as a child. Thanks to the building skills of the props team for A New Hope, the eye-catching design of the weapon’s hilt was cobbled together from a mixture of old camera flash tubes and odd additions such as pieces from a sliding glass cabinet window, Armitage Shanks handwheel, and a jet engine balance pipe.

Over the years, the weapons have evolved to include double-bladed laser swords variants (as used by Darth Maul) and even spinning handles (as used by the Grand Inquisitor and his acolytes).

Many 90s kids carry cherished memories of playground battles against friends using plastic ‘pop-out’ style lightsaber toys, which would usually break from too hard a hit. Back then, the range of quality, realistic replicas Star Wars fans can buy today would have genuinely felt like something from another galaxy.

We’ve picked out a few of the best lightsaber replicas for now-grown-up Jedi and Sith enthusiasts to wield, though you’ll still need to save up some pocket money for these prized collectables…

Hasbro Force FX Lightsaber collection

Hasbro Black Series Replica Force FX Elite Lightsabers

These are our most favoured lightsabers, combining a neat balance of high-quality real metal hilts with a lightweight battle-ready blade and reliable light effects. They also carry the official Star Wars brand and are relatively affordable compared to some more expensive sets, with the added bonus of a very sturdy display stand included with each blade.

We have quite a few of these dotted around the office and can confirm they are perfect for picking up and igniting for a quick swing before returning them to their display position, where they create an epic addition to any desk space.

Check out some of our favourite models below, including discounts (at the time of writing) from our affiliates…

Star Wars Black Series Force FX Darth Vader Lightsaber£349.00 £299.00

Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Luke Skywalker Force FX Elite Electronic Lightsaber£249.99

Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Obi-wan Kenobi Force FX Elite Lightsaber£299.99 £269.99

Master Replicas Lightsaber collection

Master Replicas Force FX Lightsabers

If you’re lucky enough to own one of these no-longer-produced lightsaber replicas, you could be looking at a substantial future value increase as pre-existing models become less readily available in good condition on eBay and other resale websites.

MR produced various movie props and high-end collectables before sadly going out of business in 2020. These lightsabers were known for their realistically lifelike weight and quality metal hilts, rubber grips and blade effects, though some reviewers complained that the sounds were quieter than other models.

Force-sensitive Jedi Masters must seek out pre-owned or boxed collectable versions of these blades online.

Dupengda Flamestrike Saber

Dupengda Flamestrike Lightsaber

Having sampled many different lightsaber collectibles in our time, we can confidently say that the Flamestrike Lightsaber is easily one of the best we’ve wielded, with a fair price attached. Official Star Wars product manufacturers could learn something from the toy’s authentic experience, from its movie-accurate design to its intense battle sounds. Whether you’re slashing a wall, deflecting imaginary laser blasts, or striking another blade, there is a sound for everything – once you master the button controls.

The customisation options offer fun extras for hard-core fans who like to mod their toys, though even in the default mode, the weapon packs a force-worthy punch with a strong and sturdy design and intuitive effects.

Looking for a discount code for Dupengda lightsabers? Use code ginaplayit for 10% off your lightsaber purchase! You can also check out our full review of the product here.

Lightsaber toys for kids

The Best Star Wars Lightsaber Toys for Kids

You might not want your children waving around heavy, expensive lightsabers. So, there’s nothing wrong with looking at something more toy-worthy for them to start their Jedi training with.

The Star Wars Lightsaber Squad Lightsabers are an excellent option for Grogu-sized padawans. These kid-friendly lightsabers include character-style hilts and small, extendable blades in the retro Star Wars lightsaber toy style.

Older kids will love the Star Wars Lightsaber Forge range, including the Ahsoka Tano Lightsaber. These models allow kids to engage their imagination by building a lightsaber from scratch using the blade, cap, cover, and core provided. The parts can also be combined with other blades in the range.

If you’re planning a visit in future to the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge-themed zone at Disneyland, you may want to wait and grab an official Galaxy’s edge blade while you are there. This involves more than just picking out a toy from a shop, as buyers must travel to Savi’s Workshop, where they will choose and customise their blade right down to the colour and hilt style.

Replica Lighsaber display presentation case

How To Display Your Star Wars Replica Lightsabers

We recently released our first clear acrylic display case created especially to house the Master Replicas Star Wars Episode V Darth Vader FX Lightsaber and other selected models.

Each case is made from reliable 3mm transparent acrylic, letting you admire the weapon from various angles while keeping it securely housed between fights. Take a closer look here.

We expect this to be only the first in a new range of Lighsaber exhibition boxes, so stay attuned to the Force for more releases in future…

Prices correct at time of blog publication.


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