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A Tale of Two LEGO Land Rovers


A Tale of Two LEGO Land Rovers

LEGO have released plenty of licensed vehicle replicas from well-known global car manufacturers over the years, including enough to fill a showroom under the successful Technic theme. Usually, LEGO opts to release famous racing vehicles and supercars, so it’s nice when something slightly different comes along.

In 2019, a LEGO Technic brick replica of the modern Land Rover Defender (42110) drove into town, offering collectors a chance to leave the slick city streets behind and take the scenic route into the muddy wilderness. Now, with the recent release of the LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 10317, the off-road adventure continues.

Both models are similar, though several notable visual differences exist when parking the two Land Rover models alongside each other.

LEGO Land Rover collection 

What Is the Difference Between the Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317) and the Land Rover Defender (42110)?

Other than the obvious fact that these are two Land Rover vehicles from different eras, there is a considerable size contrast between the models. This is primarily because the Land Rover Defender (42110) was a LEGO Technic offering, whereas the latest Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317) falls under the LEGO Icons range, with less focus on working engine components and other technic elements.

The size differentiation is most apparent when the vintage four-by-four and contemporary SUV are displayed beside each other – the body of the Defender looms over the more compact shell of the Classic Defender 90 in both height and width, and the tires on the Technic model are considerably bigger. This is something to bear in mind if you plan to create a combined display with both versions, though it does create an interesting exhibit with some variation. As expected, the newer model contains fewer bricks than the older model.

Both models carry the classic Land Rover green paintwork in brick form. However, the modern Defender carries a lighter olive green compared to the classic Defender 90, which has a more vivid, luminescent sand-green complexion.

One area in which we think the new 10317 model triumphs is in customisation. You can set it up in two ways – as a classic, unadorned Land Rover Estate or a kitted-out off-road adventurer complete with roll cage, roof rack with jerry can, engine snorkel, fire extinguisher and a spare wheel on the bonnet. See below for the collectable car displayed in the latter form. In comparison, the older 42110 set only has one look. When forced to choose between the vehicles as seen side-by-side, it becomes a question of whether you favour a sleeker, more modern style vs a wilder, angular option as seen on vintage cars.

Land Rover Classic Defender 90 10317 

Land Rover Classic Defender 90 10317

Available on the LEGO store for £209.99

This LEGO Jaguar Land Rover offering is a faithful interpretation of the 1983 classic original vehicle favoured by farmers, countryside residents and rugged off-roaders, created to honour the car’s 75th anniversary.

If you’re looking for the best LEGO Land Rover display case, check out our showcase option designed to keep the model clean from dust and dirt in-between off-road journeys. The case comes with three base options: black, white and clear acrylic, all of which can be stacked on top of similar boxes to create a vertical collection.

Land Rover Defender 42110 

Land Rover Defender 42110

Retired product – prices on eBay start from £175.00 for a model in brand-new condition (Buy It Now).

The older Land Rover Defender model remains a popular option for fans of the LEGO Technic range, although the value has increased considerably for a model in a new/boxed condition. The set is modelled on the real-world 90 that came out in 2020, specifically the 2-door model. While it does not include as many accessories as the newer version, collectors will find two panels hidden on the roof rack for bridging gaps in pothole-ridden country roads, a nice feature that the other version lacks.

If you do manage to get hold of this exceptional brick replica vehicle, be sure to display it in our customised display case, which includes room for an optional Tech Stand, as seen in the above product photo.


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