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Avengers in August - We Take A Look at The Upcoming LEGO Marvel Releases


picture of LEGO Marvel sets releasing in August

It seems like it's been a while since we’ve had an influx of LEGO Marvel sets swooping into our displays. August is going to scratch that itch and fill the gaps, as there are six LEGO Marvel sets available to preorder now and shipping from 1st August 2024. Let’s take a look at what they are - no X-ray vision is required.


picture of LEGO Ironman and Hydra troopers set

LEGO 76288 Iron Man and Iron Legion vs Hydra Soldier

Available now for pre-order, £19.99, 135 pieces

This is a nice 135-piece ensemble to replicate a scene from Age Of Ultron. This Marvel Avengers set includes four LEGO Minifigures; Iron Man, two Iron Legionnaires and a Hydra Trooper. The Iron Man figure has an opening visor and is armed with a power blaster. The Hydra Trooper is supplied with a stud shooter and all the LEGO Minifigures have trans-blue cylinders that attach to their feet to create the illusion that they are blasting off and flying.

The Hydra Troopers fortified base features a rotating base for the two stud shooters located at the bottom. The towers have a missile launcher mounted on each, ready to defend the base.

picture of LEGO Thor And Sutur Construction Figure set

LEGO 76289 Thor vs Surtur Construction Figure

£24.99, 245 pieces

Recreate the iconic scene from Thor: Ragnarok with this 245-piece set. There are three LEGO Minifigures included: Thor and two fire demon warriors. Thor is equipped with Mjolnir to assist in his battle with Surtur.

Surtur is a fully articulated construction figure, so he can be displayed in a variety of awesome poses as wields his enormous fire sword. The set includes a translucent piece that can be attached to Surtur and Thor so it looks like Thor is flying above Surtur’s horned crown.

pictures of LEGO Dancing Groot

LEGO 76297 Dancing Groot

Available now for pre-order, £39.99, 459 pieces

Another awesome plastic plant from LEGO, this time Dancing Groot. This is the third Groot in this style, with the previous ones being LEGO 76249 Venomised Groot and LEGO 76217 I am Groot.

The newest LEGO Dancing Groot can be seen adorned with sunglasses and headphones; he is also supplied with additional leaves. There are three nameplates included, so you can choose which one to apply to the pot. The pot itself has a hidden storage compartment, so any pieces that are surplus to your requirements can be stored within. Groot has a moveable head and poseable arms; when the handle at the back is turned, Groot starts to dance.

This is a fun set and would look great with the other LEGO Groot sets you have in your Marvel collection - LEGO 76217 I Am Groot, LEGO 76249 Venomised Groot and not forgetting the LEGO Brickheadz 40671 Potted Groot.

picture of LEGO Avengers in a wintery forest with a 4x4 vehicle

LEGO 76291 The Avengers Assemble: Age of Ultron

£89.99, 613 pieces

Build the iconic big battle scene from Marvel Age of Ultron with this 613-piece modular set. There are eight LEGO Minifigures included in this set including Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor and three Hydra Troopers. There is also a LEGO Big Figure of the Hulk (we do enjoy the return of the big figures!).

There is a buildable off-road vehicle for the heroes to travel in and Captain America has his motorbike. Each of the Avengers has their signature weapons to fend off the Hydra Troopers with. This good-looking set wouldn’t look out of place in a LEGO Winter Village display.

picture of LEGO Leviathan and Hulk

LEGO 76290 The Avengers vs The Leviathan

£44.99, 347 pieces

The Leviathan “air whale“ has been unleashed in brick form, it has a mouth that opens, the head turns slightly sideways and the six fins are moveable. It also comes equipped with two stud shooters. The Leviathan has a couple of transparent pieces included to look like it is flying. Captain America is wielding his shield, and Black Widow is armed with a stud shooter as they try to protect the city from Loki and the Chitauri Warrior, who is firing their laser pistol constantly. Luckily, a Big LEGO Hulk figure is also included with the set and he will help to save the day.

picture of LEGO Milano box and set

LEGO 76286 Guardians of the Galaxy The Milano

£159.99, 2090 pieces

Get your classic rock music out and prepare to build this 2,090-piece rendition of The Milano ship, complete with six adjustable wings and four variable rear boosters. The top of the Milano is removable to reveal a highly detailed inside. There is a flight deck that can accommodate three LEGO Minifigures, a communal area with an additional seat and weapons storage. Of course, a rest area features the iconic cassette deck.

The LEGO Minifigures included with this set are Drax, Gamora, Rocket, Starlord, and even a Baby Groot. This version of the Marvel Milano has a LEGO-built stand for it to be displayed upon, and it works well. This is a great-looking set; the colours really pop, and it would look great in any Marvel display.

Are you planning on getting any of these? Let us know what you think of these upcoming LEGO Marvel releases, is there any others that you hope to see?

 picture of LEGO Rocket Racoon in an acrylic display case


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