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Blast Off Into the 2024 LEGO Space CMF Series 26

3, 2, 1, LIFT OFF

New 2024 Minifigure Series 26

The rumour has finally been confirmed that the LEGO CMF Series 26 is a space theme and is due to be released 1st May 2024 and will still cost £3.49 each. The LEGO Minifigure series will consist of 12 collectible characters as with the previous series. There seems to be a great mix of astronauts and alien lifeforms all coming with some super galactic accessories.

LEGO Space Series 26 Minifigures

3, 2, 1, LIFT OFF:

The full list of space minifigures are:

  1. LEGO Space Walking Astronaut is a female astronaut with a jetpack that slips over the neck peg and has sloped control panels near the hands. The torso is printed with spacesuit detailing and there are a couple of stripes on the knee areas of the legs. The LEGO lady has a relatively cheery face print and what looks to be an under-helmet balaclava. The helmet has a gold visor and looks similar to the one that was released in the 5-pack Toys R Us Exclusive LEGO Minifigure collection in 2013.
  2. LEGO Imposter comes with two mini green aliens which are nano figures and are a new print. The minifigure also has a new face print that represents one of the little alien dudes driving him which is reminiscent of the 40649 set, the Upscaled LEGO Minifigure. The aerial protruding from the hairpiece is a really cool look.
  3. LEGO Alien Tourist is wearing a very jazzy-looking printed Hawaiian shirt with what looks to be an ”I Love Earth” T-shirt underneath. He would appear to have a blue backpack as there is a blue peg loop over the neck peg. He has mini legs and they have a red short print. His accessories are a camera and a blue trilby style hat, that looks similar to the one from the LEGO Noir Detective in Series 25. In Series 6 of the minifigure collections, we did see the first introduction of a grey alien; however, that one had standard legs, suggesting it might have been an adult alien.
  4. LEGO Retro Space Heroine has a delightful pink and purple ensemble and is the female counterpart to the Retro Spaceman in Series 17. This character comes with a space blaster and what is potentially a robot dog (a bulldog version of K-9 if you will).
  5. LEGO M-Tron Powerlifter is a homage to the Redux sub-theme from 1990 and 1991 which only ever had one minifigure. This LEGO Minifigure has the Mtron “M” printed on his torso in a black circle and he has robot-looking prints on the sides of the legs. He arrives with some kind of black jetpack that we can see the printed gauge tile on the side of, a red roller skate which at this point could be used as anything also, there’s a 1x2 brick with a printed tile to adorn the top.
  6. LEGO Nurse Android is going to be a must for a lot of people due to the inclusion of the pink LEGO Space Baby, and a great addition to match the blue LEGO Space Baby from Series 24 with the Brown Classic LEGO Spaceman. We also receive a baby’s bottle with this figure. The nurse herself has printed arms as well as printed legs and torso and it appears to be a new face print. We also want to comment on her rather smashing blue head of hair!

    LEGO Space Series 26 Minifigures
  7. LEGO Flying Saucer Costume Fan is an outstanding figure, so simple in its execution, but just so awesome. The galactic-printed legs and torso are fantastic, the jolly green face is out of this world and the UFO itself pops over the head with the silver rim resting over the shoulders.
  8. LEGO Ice Planet Explorer with Space Penguin - the Ice Planet Redux theme was released in 1993 and 1994 and only had three minifigures; two of which shared the same torso design. The colour scheme then was blue, black, white and elements of transparent orange and this LEGO Minifigure adheres to the same colour palette. The helmet is white with a transparent orange visor, the torso is black with some printing around the waist area, and the legs are black and blue with printing on the toes. The female figure also has blue moulded shoulder pads with a jetpack at the back and comes with a neat red hairpiece to wear during her downtime. Not forgetting the Space Penguin who has a printed tummy and orange visor-shaped eye slit.
  9. LEGO Robot Butler doesn’t have a regular leg piece, instead, he has a new mould that has horizontal ridges at the top and what looks to be rollers moulded at the bottom but with no articulation. The character is holding a saucepan plus whisk and appears to be rustling up some sort of space treat. The face seems to be a new print but it is a little tricky to see through the luminous yellow fishbowl helmet!
  10. LEGO Alien Beetlezoid has a beautifully new moulded head with pincers at the front and is printed with multiple eyes. This LEGO Minifigure is essentially navy blue with some pink and light blue detailing. The legs are not standard pieces but are the legs LEGO uses for fantasy figures. The alien seems to have a plastic, moulded cape (or possibly wings) and is holding a pink leaf with purple ice cream.
  11. LEGO Orion is a predominately purply translucent figure, however, the torso isn’t translucent but does have some lovely printed details. There is also a little bit of printed detailing on the top of the legs. Accompanying this figure is a translucent club and shield; the shield is printed with Orion the Hunter star constellation on the front of it and some silver beading around the edge.
  12. LEGO Blacktron Mutant is based upon the 1987 Blacktron theme, however, this figure is more akin to the LEGO Blacktron figure that was released in 1991 as these had the white torso with the lime green B in the centre of the chest. One side of this figure has clearly mutated into some sort of creature as we can see the lime green with dark green details printed on the fantasy leg, with two arms on the side. The face is also mutated with some green and a large pink-coloured eye. Due to the alterations, this LEGO Minifigure must wear a breathing device which pops over the neck peg and can be seen wielding two weapons.


Looking at this set as a whole, there seems to be something for everyone, so whether your kids just want some more minifigures to play with or the big kid in your life wants to populate their space MOCs with aliens and recreate 90’s LEGO Space themes, then this is the CMF Series for you. LEGO has done an outstanding job with Series 26 with new prints, moulds and of course the LEGO Space Baby! This is a fun series and will encourage young imaginations to develop their own stories as they play.

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