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Build Your TV Sitcom LEGO Collection


LEGO TV Sitcom Sets

LEGO are no strangers to creating sets to honour iconic scenes and settings from cinema history, with countless Star Wars and Marvel sets released over the years.

In 2015, LEGO spearheaded a new trend with the release of the now-retired The Big Bang Theory 21302 set – the first in a line of TV show models aiming to recreate popular sitcom studio-style sets, complete with minifigure cast. The model was based on a LEGO IDEAS entry from 100k member Alatariel Elensar, who saw the popular potential of such designs.

Real-life TV show sets – cleverly constructed to fill the rectangular frame of a film camera – translate perfectly to the medium of LEGO, especially when you’re considering how to display LEGO sitcom sets at home. The confined, box-like shape of these sets pairs perfectly with our range of vitrine-style transparent display cases while still packing a fantastic amount of detail and hidden surprises into the builds.

We’ve picked out a few of the best TV sitcom LEGO sets available online. Their similar sizing and layout make them ideal sets for building an extensive collection that can be neatly exhibited on shelves, desks, or even stacked in the corner of a living room.

Many of these funky sitcom sets are currently on offer online and will soon be retiring, so make sure you grab them while you still can…

Seinfeld LEGO display case

Seinfeld – 21328

£69.99 £48.99

*Slaps bass*

The critically acclaimed “show about nothing” ultimately ran for over nine seasons and 180 episodes, making it one of the most famous sitcoms ever. The show stars Jerry Seinfeld as a neurotic version of himself, alongside his three equally wacky friends, George, Elaine and Cosmo, as he navigates day-to-day life while working as a stand-out comedian in New York City.

This LEGO set recreates Jerry’s quintessentially 1990s apartment, packed with plenty of details and fun surprises, such as the Kramer-installed Commando 8 air conditioning unit, a fridge with a Superman magnet, and the alcove “modern home office” – in reality, a tiny space with a very slow-functioning computer.

Don’t forget to grab our Seinfeld Display Case for LEGO 21328 to house the model, with just the right proportions to fit the apartment alongside the cut-away stand-up comedy stage.

Friends Apartments Central Perk display solution

The Friends Apartments – 10292


Friends was one of the stand-out sitcoms of the 1990s, running for ten seasons. The show truly hit the zeitgeist of the millennial generation and their aspirations, with a brilliantly simple premise of a comedy focusing on a bunch of upwardly-mobile young friends working and hanging out within reach of New York’s Central Park. It also turned actors and actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox into household names.

LEGO collectors can pay homage to their favourite show with two Friends apartments in brick form. While this set carries a hefty pricetag, the two models faithfully replicate two fun locations where many classic storylines took place. Easter eggs include Monica’s Thanksgiving turkey, Phoebe’s dollhouse and creepy painting, and other fun references to specific episodes.

The two Friends apartments are perfect for pairing with the Central Perk – 21319 release, which recreates the gang’s favourite coffee house in vivid detail.

Make sure the title of your next LEGO hobby episode is The One Where You Showcase LEGO Friends Sets by purchasing our Friends Apartment & Central Perk Display Case for LEGO 10292 / 21319. This bespoke clear case includes room for all three sets and has been designed to protect your models from dust and damage behind secure 3mm clear acrylic panels.

Queer Eye loft display set 

Queer Eye – The Fab 5 Loft – 10291

£89.99 £53.99

Moving firmly out of the 90s into the late 2010s, this LEGO set replicates the Queer Eye loft, where weekly guests on the hit Netflix reality television show saw their lifestyle dreams realised.

While not a sitcom per se, this show proved a big success among viewers and makes a worthy addition to any TV set collection.

The Atlanta loft includes the Fab 5 in minifigure form and well-known furnishings such as the makeover chair and transformation chamber. The set’s unique shape can be smartly contained with our Queer Eye The Fab 5 Loft Display Case for LEGO 10291, providing an easily-assembled display solution for keeping the set looking new and clean.

The Office LEGO display case

The Office – 21336


No LEGO TV sitcom collection would be complete without the sprawling set of The Office, home of Michael Scott, aka “the world’s best boss”.

The American remake of the British comedy classic The Office proved to be a titanic success, spawning nine seasons and making Steve Carell an iconic comedy actor.

This 1,164-piece LEGO build provides a nostalgic creative experience with all the minifigure characters and office furnishings you would expect from such a set. The design includes the reception area, Jim, Dwight, Phyllis and Stanley’s desk island, Michael’s office and the conference room. You can also spot fun episode-specific references such as Jim’s teapot, the best boss mug, Michael’s screenplay and Dwight’s hidden weapons.

Pair your LEGO comedy collectable with The Office Display Case for LEGO 21336 for a bespoke display solution.

Prices correct at time of blog publication.

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