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Building LEGO 40693 Fell Beast the LEGO LOTR GWP


picture of a LEGO Fell Beast

Unless you have been hidden deep within Moria, you will no doubt be aware that LEGO has announced the forthcoming release of LEGO 10333 Lord Of The Rings Barad-dur. Available to purchase on 4th June 2024, with LEGO Insiders given early access from 1st-3rd June 2024.

Also, if you order this set by the 7th of June, you will be eligible for the LEGO GWP 40693 The Fell Beast. We were lucky enough to get our gnarled old hands on this set, so let’s have a sneak peek.

picture of LEGO instruction booklet, wings and piece bags for LEGO 40693 Fell Beast

Inside the box is an instruction booklet with 88 steps, one set of plastic wings and three bags of parts.

picture of LEGO Minifigure Nazgul

The first bag contains the LEGO Nazgul Minifigure. This neat figure has a fabric cape, a bedraggled cape, and a sculpted hood over the all-black headpiece. The Nazgul is armed with a hefty-looking sword, which they can brandish while riding the Fell Beast.

picture of LEGO during building torso for the Fell Beast

We begin the build by creating the main body of the Fell Beast. This body is a combination of grey and tan, with a couple of dark brown pieces at the front.

Picture of LEGO Fell Beast tail during building steps

The following steps create the four tail segments. These are all attached via ball joints, so they can be angled however you wish to pose them.

Picture of LEGO Fell Beast head and neck

The next three sections create the neck and head. These are also attached using the ball joints, and the Fell Beast has a brown tongue made from the twisty horn piece.

LEGO Fell Beast right leg building steps

Next is the right leg, which is attached to the torso via a ball joint. Then, we have three tan-coloured talons with black claws. These are attached via clips, so they can also be angled.

LEGO Fell Beast left leg and feet building steps

The left leg follows the same as the right (as expected). The legs now attached, give the Fell Beast some balance and we get an idea of how it’s going to look perched upon the ruins of Osgiliath or wherever else you wish it to dominate.

LEGO Fell Beast wings during building steps

The wings are attached to a framework made from LEGO Technic pieces and held in place by LEGO part 22484 bar 1L with a tow ball. Once the wings have been added to the frames, they can be attached to the torso via the hinges. The hinge connections allow for a good number of positions for the wings to be displayed in.

LEGO Fell Beast ruins build

Finally, we have a selection of different-sized grey slopes and other assorted grey pieces to create a small ruin for the Fell Beast to perch upon. This is a cool little base for the Fell Beast to be mounted on, and it would look good on display as is. It could also be neat to add some foliage around the ruins.

LEGO 40693 Fell Beast finished build

Overall, we think this is a really great addition to the LEGO Lord Of The Rings theme, and now we are even more excited for the release of LEGO 10333 Lord Of The Rings Barad-dur on June 4th 2024.

LEGO Rivendale in acrylic display case


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