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Captain America’s Shield & More Marvel LEGO On The Way


Captain America’s Shield & More Marvel LEGO On The Way

There’s exciting news coming out of the Avengers Compound – a stunning near-life-size LEGO brick replica of Captain America’s famous shield will be hitting LEGO shelves from 1st August 2023.

This 3,128-piece monster Captain America’s Shield 76262 extends to over 18.5 inches in width. It also comes with its own stand with an official LEGO nameplate and Captain America minifigure. This immersive new brick project represents a chance for model-makers and comic-book history enthusiasts to own an iconic symbol of American values and Captain America’s superhuman strength. Thanks to the display stand, the new set can easily sit on a spare flat surface, such as a wall-mounted shelf, the top of a counter, or a dining table as the ultimate centrepiece.

Captain America’s Shield 76262

During the Infinity Saga, the offensive and defensive weapon frequently appears on the arm of Steve Rodger’s Captain America as he battled villains such as Loki, Georges Batroc, Ultron and Brock Rumlow. The detailed LEGO model replica comprises a series of 6x4 plates in vivid red and white, which combine to form the familiar concave-shaped disk of the vibranium-metal alloy shield with the striking white star in the centre.

The new Marvel LEGO set recreates the shield as seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and some issues of the American comic book series). The brick-built emblem of good against evil is expected to be popular with collectors and the perfect gift for Marvel fans of all ages.

LEGO Marvel final battle sets

What Other Marvel LEGO Sets Are Coming Out In August?

Joining the August 1st release of the famous shield are two diorama-style sets – Spider-Man Final Battle 76261 and Endgame Final Battle 76266.

The LEGO Marvel Spider-Man battle set is based on the showdown from Spider-Man: No Way Home, featuring minifigures of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Hollands versions of Peter Parker’s web-slinger, along with classic villains Electro, Green Goblin and Doc Ock. The setting for the fight is the top of the Statue of Liberty, with distinctive details such as Lady Liberty’s crown on show.

The Marvel Endgame set is similar, offering collectors a chance to display a film-accurate version of the fight in the ruined Avengers Compound. Minifigures include Captain Marvel, Thanos, The Wasp, Valkyrie and Wanda Maximoff.

August LEGO Marvel figures

Fans of LEGO figurines can also grab Venomised Groot 76249 or Iron Man Hulkbuster vs Thanos 76263 for a fun addition to their spare shelf or table space.

The not-so-cute-anymore baby Groot has been given a Venom-style makeover in this transformable figure set, and the unique versions of Thanos and the Hulkbuster offer a neat addition to any minifigure collection, with Tony Stark’s Mark XLIV armour standing at the ideal height relative to standard brick figures.

We love LEGO Marvel here at iDisplayit, and we’re the proud designers of the world’s best collection of display cases and stands for all the best sets, including Hot Toys and more! Browse our selection today.


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