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Easy On The Bricks – How To Clean LEGO Sets


How To Clean LEGO Sets

It’s no secret that LEGO sets have risen in popularity over many decades to become more than just toys. Some of the largest, most epic sets, such as the LEGO Icons Titanic 10294 and the Eiffel Tower 10307, are worthy of a place in a museum and can quickly turn a standard home living room into a showcase of architecture, history, film, tv, gaming and more.

LEGO sets are continuing to increase in value over time, and the cost of buying new sets in-store or online is also on the rise due to the cost of parts and materials. It is more important than ever to maintain these treasured collectables by keeping the bricks looking clean and new.

In this article, we explore recommended short-term methods to refresh and clean old bricks and longer-term display options so you can keep your favourite models on show without having to directly and repetitively clean the LEGO elements every week.

Washing LEGO bricks

How To Safely Wash LEGO Bricks

Second-hand LEGO sets are a great way to obtain hard-to-find LEGO sets, though it’s not always clear what condition the pieces will arrive in, especially if the sets were formerly owned by children. Common unwanted additions to bricks and studs include grime, sticky residue from spilt drinks, fingerprints, dirt, and sand.

The LEGO website is a great starting point for official guidance on hand-washing bricks. As per their advice, LEGO parts should be gently washed in water not exceeding 104°F/40°C in temperature, using a mild detergent.

The key factor in cleaning bricks is to treat them gently and avoid temperatures or forces which may cause the plastic materials to warp, change shape, shrink or expand in size. Excessively hot or cold water risks this, and you can easily scratch the bricks by applying too much force with a kitchen sink scrubbing implement. It’s essential to stay patient – add the bricks to a bowl of warm water with Fairy Liquid (or similar) and let the bricks soak for up to five hours without disturbing them.

Once the pieces have finished soaking, you can run the bricks under the tap to wash off the grime and dirty water. Then leave the bricks to dry in an airy corner of the room out of reach of direct sunlight. Do not be tempted to speed up the drying process with a hairdryer or similar, as the hot temperature will harm the pieces. Putting LEGO in the dishwasher or washing machine is also not recommended.

Washing bricks that carry stickers or decals may cause the paper to bobble or peel off when soaked. For these elements, it is worth considering an alternative solution, such as a gently applied multi-purpose cleaning wipe.

Cleaning LEGO with a makeup brush

Keeping LEGO Sets Dust-Free

Dust is the enduring enemy of any ornament or collectable left on display on a shelf or mantlepiece, and LEGO is no different. No matter how often you dust your LEGO sets, that layer of grey will always find its way back over time (unless you live in a hermetically sealed pod).

Dust left for too long risks becoming sticky when exposed to moisture in the air and will be harder to remove the more there is. It is recommended to avoid a standard feather duster or cloth to remove dust, as the materials can easily catch on LEGO bricks and leave threads, fabric or unwanted feathers on your models. Many collectors recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush, as this tool can be gently applied to the set and neatly controlled by hand – the narrow head is also ideal for reaching hard-to-reach parts of the model.

Again, a light touch is vital to avoid scratching the bricks or damaging stickers and other decorative parts. Avoid a toothbrush with thick, plastic bristles, as these are more likely to leave scratches. Many collectors swear by using a makeup brush, as these implements have a wide surface area and extra thin bristles, ideal for dusting the sets without a heavy touch.

Once you have finished loosening the dust, you can also use a can of compressed air to blow away stubborn particles. We recommend investing in a plug-in electronic compressed air device for a more extensive collection to save on purchasing too many single-use products. Beware of blowing off loose elements with the force of the air, and consider removing components such as antennae and small exterior bricks before starting the process.

Once your model is clean and dusted, it’s time to think about investing in a more permanent display solution so you don’t have to keep repeating the same deep dust clean every few weeks.

LEGO display cases

Display Cases For LEGO

Investing in a transparent display case is one of the most popular solutions for keeping LEGO sets free from dust and accidental damage from knocks, spills and overly-inquisitive pets. Many companies offer storage-and-display containers, including iDisplayit, Wicked Brick, and Boxxco.

The advantage of using a display case is that it not only increases the exhibition quality of your models – providing a unique showcase for your home décor – but it is a lot easier to wipe dust off the clear acrylic panels than continually having to remove contaminants from the LEGO sets themselves.

But which LEGO display case company should you choose? We believe that iDisplayit products are a superior choice compared to the competition (just check out each company's Trustpilot reviews). iDisplayit sell cases of all sizes for specific franchise sets from Star Wars, Harry Potter and other Films & TV, including standard display cases alongside large, extra-thick coffee-table style furniture units and display cases with unique printed artwork backgrounds to enhance the visual appeal of your models. They also recently introduced a new range of tabletop and wall-mounted presentation cases for LEGO Minifigures and regularly expand their range beyond LEGO to include the latest displays for Hot Toys and Blitzway movie replicas.

With their high-quality and unique products and quick delivery times, it's no wonder why many customers are switching to their LEGO display cases.

Back to the Future display cases


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