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Five More LEGO NINJAGO Sets Arriving in March 2024


Five More LEGO Ninjago Sets Arriving in March 2024

Back in December, we took a look at the latest roster of LEGO NINJAGO sets on the way this year. Now, fans of the long-established theme have five more models to get excited about. And some truly epic brick creations are on the way, including big locations from the TV series and exciting new creatures and characters.

All the new sets will be available from 1st March 2024.


The LEGO NINJAGO theme aims to engage younger builders with a collection of ninjas, villains, mechs, dragons and more, based on a rich fantasy world where young heroes learn the art of ‘Spinjitzu’ combat to resist their enemies. A cast of fearsome foes, including the NINJAGO Overlord, contribute to a classic tale of good vs. evil in an action-packed world with limitless creative opportunities for scenarios and custom brick builds.

Netflix also hosts the popular NINJAGO TV series, giving KFOLs something to watch between LEGO sessions.


Dragon Stone Shrine – 71819


This spectacular 1,212-piece scenic LEGO model takes collectors to a rocky shrine shaped like a dragon, complete with a beautiful pink blossom tree and a waterfall. This is the kind of compact set we love, as it comes packed with secret rooms, hidden interactive functions and plenty of LEGO Minifigures, including Master Lloyd, Master Wu, Lord Ras, Nya, Kai and Euphrasia.

If you’re looking for a big LEGO gift to keep your kids entertained, this is a fantastic option, as it allows for endless play and looks great while on display. We particularly like the look of the small library packed with scrolls and books, along with the meditation platform beneath the blossom branches.

Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo – 71813

Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo – 71813


Here’s another set based on the show’s second season, presenting the opposite of the zen-like shrine in the form of a 2-tiered dojo building belonging to the evil Lord Ras, as they attempt to perform a ‘blood moon ritual’ to take over the world.

The set includes minifigures of Kai, Lloyd, Nya and Zane, all wearing a climbing hook and carrying a katana, ready to take the fight to Lord Ras and his minions: Jordana, Cinder, and a Wolf Mask Claw Warrior. Beyond the action-worthy minifigures, the model is also packed with details, including a courtyard with aerial combat ropes, a tree branch-activated trap, and a secret door containing a sword. The ‘gong of shattering’ neatly contrasts the dark colour of the rest of the set with golden elements, and the upper level of the dojo reveals an additional room for combat.

Kai’s Ninja Climber Mech – 71812

Kai’s Ninja Climber Mech – 71812


Recreate battles from the Shadow Forest with this posable mech battle suit. The cockpit fits a standard LEGO Minifigure, and the set comes with four characters to create a battle-worthy scene – Climber Kai and Climber, Wyldfyre, and the evil Jordana (who comes with their own glider vehicle).

The mech suit includes ninja hooks on the back for climbing action and two giant gold/black katanas for epic confrontations. This brick set should prove to be a fun build-and-play experience and birthday gift idea for boys and girls.

Young Dragon Riyu – 71810

Young Dragon Riyu – 71810


Based on the Dragons Rising TV show, this aerial dragon toy presents an elegant, silver-hued dragon with a mount for a LEGO Minifigure to ride on. The set comes with Arin (armed with a climbing hook and katana), Sora, and a Wolf Mask Warrior.

Arin’s Ninja Off-Road Buggy Car – 71811

Arin’s Ninja Off-Road Buggy Car – 71811


This adventure set offers something different in the form of an off-road buggy featuring large wheels, suspension, a cockpit with room to store a minifigure, and stud shooters for interactive fun. Characters include a Baby Riyu model and four NINJAGO minifigures: Climber Cole, Arin, a Wolf Mask Claw Warrior, and Cinder.


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