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iDisplayit LEGO Haul – August 2023


iDisplayit LEGO Haul – August 2023

Nothing is more exciting than getting hold of a new batch of LEGO sets, especially when they have just hit shelves. And we’ve really gone to town here at iDisplayit – our latest spending spree resulted in a whole bunch of LEGO Technic vehicles, two LEGO Marvel sets, a beautiful LEGO Architecture model, and a holiday-themed gift-with-purchase add-on!

We’ll need some time to build these LEGO brick newcomers and design suitable display cases for them. So, for now, here’s a list of what we bought and where we found the best discounted LEGO deals online for the latest sets…

LEGO Icons Chevrolet Corvette 1961 – 10321

£129.99 – LEGO online.

The 1961 Corvette cabriolet sports car is one of the most eye-catching examples of the American Dream in sports car form, hailing from the USA post-war boom. We love the sleek, vintage style of this brick-built car, with the vivid red paintwork and iconic double taillights. The model can also be switched between a hard-top and an open-top configuration.

John Deere 948L-II Skidder – 42157

£169.99 £135.99 – on offer at Smyths Toys.

This giant building truck looks like a monster with a claw. The pneumatic and mechanical functions make this an excellent option for kids to learn about engineering and construction, and we felt like adding it to our AFOL collection too.

Audi RS Q e-tron – 42160

£149.99 £134.99 – on offer at Wayland Games.

This all-electric desert rally car certainly looks the part, with big sand-hopping wheels and a smart black design. The real-world car performed well at the 2022 Dakar Rally, achieving four stage wins, and we couldn’t wait to own our own display toy version. The car also has remote control options – we’ll let you know how we get on when the car hits the iDisplayit circuit!

LEGO Technic display cases

Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica – 42161

Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica – 42161

£46.99 £39.89 – on offer at Toy Street.

The Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica is a modern sports car with a sleek “centro stile” body that is replicated in elegant LEGO Technic form. The intense green colour will help this aerodynamic masterpiece stand alongside the rest of our collection, making it a purchase no-brainer.

Yamaha MT-10 SP – 42159

£199.99 £179.99 – on offer at Wayland Games.

Last up on our new LEGO vehicle haul is this stunning motorbike. We’ve talked at length about the blue/gold colour trimmings and ‘naked’ design in our news feature, and we’re excited to exhibit the model for ourselves once we finally build it.

Captain America’s Shield – 76262

£179.99 £159.95 – on offer at Chaos Cards.

Who wouldn’t want to own the vibranium shield Steve Rodgers (aka Captain America) used to deal out justice? This famous prop was made to be built and displayed in LEGO brick form, and this will be one of the first we construct. With hundreds of studs on show, this one feels like an old-school, blocky LEGO set, giving it a fun retro feel that matches the theme.

Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws – 76250

£64.99 – LEGO online.

Owning a LEGO bust of Wolverine’s deadly claws is cool enough, but the fact that this LEGO brick set is styled on the vintage X-Men: The Animated Series from 1992 makes this one an even more unique collectible. This one will sit proudly alongside others in our Marvel collection. Did you know that the cartoon series is being revived on Disney+ later this year? Read all about that here.

LEGO Architecture Himeji Castle – 21060

£139.99 £124.95 – on offer at Chaos Cards.

We’re big fans of LEGO Architecture here at iDisplayit (check out our dedicated display solutions for these sets). This Japanese-style fortress is based on a real-world location currently sitting on our bucket list to visit someday. In the meantime, we’ll make do with the LEGO version! The hirayama (hilltop fortress) LEGO set features curved walls and stylised roofs, instantly recognisable from Japanese architecture. Expect this one to sit alongside other epic buildings in our collection.

Fun Creativity 12-in-1

£17.99 – Gift With Purchase

To round everything off, we got this GWP set on top of our main purchases from LEGO online. The box promises 12 mini beach-holiday-themed models, including a lighthouse, sand castle, campfire, coral reef and sailboat. This one should prove perfect when we feel like taking a quick break from designing display cases!

*prices and discounts correct at date of blog publication.

BTTF Time Machine LEGO display case


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