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Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen Reveals The Inside Story of LEGO In New Book

Jens Anderson COLLABORATES WITH THE FORMER LEGO PRESIDENT TO EXPLORE How “a Little Toy Sparked the World’s Imagination”

New Biography LEGO Kirk Kristiansen

LEGO enthusiasts can now take a break from assembling their latest sets to sit down in their favourite chair to read the new authorised biography of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, former president/CEO of LEGO Group and grandson of the company’s founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen.

Everyone knows LEGO is the world’s most popular toy construction, though not everyone knows the inside story of the company’s rise from a depression-era carpentry company to the global toy powerhouse known today.

In Kjeld’s own words: 'This book tells the story of how my family built the LEGO brand.'

Autobiography Book LEGO Story 2022

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen’s New Book: The LEGO Story

The book was initially published in 2021 in Danish as Et Liv Med LEGO (A Life With LEGO). Now English-speaking LEGO fans can read it, following a recent translation for international publication.

LEGO is a brand that transcends toys and bricks, a cultural icon of play and creativity for children and adults. The new book tells the story of the Danish family who first formed the LEGO brand 90 years ago, going on to create a near-limitless collection of sets and brick-building opportunities.

The book tells the story of the last 90 years through the eyes of Kristiansen, who grew up in the LEGO family and was CEO for nine years from 1995–2004. The author has been given unprecedented access to the LEGO archives, including many never-before-seen photos included in the book’s pages.

Beyond the cultural history of bricks and play, the book also explores different generations changing philosophies on childhood as LEGO expanded from a small carpentry business into a beloved global brand.

LEGO Directors Jens Andersen & Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen

Who Wrote The LEGO Story?

The newly-published novel was written by respected Danish author and literary critic Jens Andersen, who has a PhD in Nordic Literature from Copenhagen University to his name, along with numerous articles written for Danish newspapers.

Andersen’s previous works include biographies of the Danish royal family, Hans Christian Anderson and Astrid Landgren. For his latest novel, he spent countless hours interviewing Kjeld to get the full story of the LEGO brand.

Colorful Collection of Duplo LEGO Bricks

Critical Response To The LEGO Story

“The LEGO Story is absolutely essential reading for every LEGO fan.” – Blocks Magazine.

“A compelling cultural history of the Danish company that revolutionised toys for children and adults.” – New York Times.

“How did stackable plastic blocks made by a Danish toy company become as ubiquitous in America as Tylenol and Kleenex?” – Vulture.

“A welcome gift for the LEGO lover in the family and a revealing work of business history.” – Kirkus

“Those interested in LEGO history will find this book comprehensive and will enjoy interviews, photos, and the evolution of a toy legend.” – Booklist.

“Andersen’s cultural history chronicles not only the ups and downs of the business since its founding in 1915, but also how it tapped into shifting cultural philosophies” – Arlington Magazine.


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