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LEGO Reveal – Employee Christmas Gift 2023


LEGO Reveal – Employee Christmas Gift 2023

It’s become a seasonal tradition at LEGO for the company to gift each of their employees a special exclusive LEGO set not available to purchase by the general public. Nevertheless, with over 23,000 employees worldwide, it’s not long before these sets pop up on eBay, Bricklink, and other resale sites, ensuring they make their way into the hands of insistent collectors.

This year, the employee holiday set has been revealed as LEGO 4002023 Gingerbread House, a colourful advent calendar-style build that pays tribute to the LEGO Dots theme, which was retired earlier this year in June.

Let’s take a closer look at this LEGO Christmas set following its online leak and reveal…

LEGO Employee Gift

What Is the Release Date for LEGO 4002023 Gingerbread House?

The new set is not officially available to the public to buy; however, it has already started to pop up on resale sites.

How Much Is the LEGO 4002023 Employee Gift Model?

At the time of writing, we found the set in new/sealed condition on eBay for £166.00, with more bids to come. Brickeconomy are also tracking plenty of resale listings.

What Is the Brick Count?

The LEGO Gingerbread House Dots Advent Calendar clocks in at 1,464 pieces.

How Many LEGO Minifigures Are Included?


LEGO Employee Set

LEGO 4002023 Gingerbread House – Features

The LEGO Dots theme initially launched in 2020, offering collectors a craft-based addition to the world of LEGO bricks, with colourful ‘dot’ style pieces that could be used to adorn flat elements with more decorative range than was possible with standard bricks.

The 2023 employee Christmas set finally closes the book on the short-lived theme with some of the prettiest seasonal decorations we’ve seen using these unique pieces. If there was ever a LEGO model suited to Dots, this is it, with the exterior of the brown, sugary baked house neatly decorated with a range of bauble-like red and green colours, set beside white, wintery rooftop elements. Of course, the patterns on the house are fully customisable, though the version presented on the box art is certainly something to aspire to.

The back of the box reveals the rear of the set, with 24 advent calendar windows. Each hidden space holds a surprise gift for the run-up to Christmas, and we’ll have to hope those employees lucky enough to receive the set will post updates so we can see what lies inside.

Most standard LEGO advent calendars are intended to be used on the year of purchase, with little use for the packaging once it has been opened. The Gingerbread House, however, is an iconic decorative model that can quickly be dusted down and displayed again each year, making it a firm investment for LEGO fans looking to spruce up their home décor over the holiday period.

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