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LEGO Reveal – IDEAS Red London Telephone Box 21347


IDEAS Red London Telephone Box 21347

Do you remember a world before mobile phones? Sadly, we’re old enough to!

Smartphones offer convenience in many ways, but they have also overseen the decline of iconic devices (who remembers carefully selecting each number on those old rotary phones?). In addition to the phones found in our own homes, the world is slowly moving away from public telephone boxes, with many being converted for other uses, such as holding a defibrillator.

In celebration of the instantly recognisable British public telephone box, LEGO have revealed the latest IDEAS design based on a winning fan entry – Red London Telephone Box 21347.

The official LEGO set remains faithful to the original IDEAS entry from Bricked1980 and should prove popular with travel lovers, history buffs and souvenir collectors. Let’s take a closer look –

LEGO 21347 Red London Telephone Box             

What Is the Release Date for LEGO 21347 Red London Telephone Box?

The new LEGO IDEAS model will be available from 4th February 2024, with early access for Insiders members from 1st February 2024.

How Much Is the LEGO 21347 Set?

The Telephone Box model is priced at £99.99 – buy it at LEGO online.

What Is the Brick Count?

The LEGO Red London Telephone Box clocks in at 1,460 pieces.

How Many LEGO Minifigures Are Included?


LEGO IDEAS Red London Telephone Box 21347

LEGO IDEAS Red London Telephone Box 21347 – Features

The bright red telephone box is as British as tea and Yorkshire pudding, and the distinctive, windowed boxes used to be a common sight on most London street corners – they are also still found on country lanes, often with regional design differences.

The LEGO phone box is a flawless brick reproduction of the classic red kiosk, complete with latticed windows, the ‘Telephone’ sign on all four sides, and the arched facias with the distinctive black crown (representing the British government and sovereign). As per the image above, collectors can also use it as a mobile phone stand – one of the funkiest meetings of the old and the new we’ve seen for a long time.

One of our favourite features of the LEGO IDEAS model is the inclusion of a vintage-style lamppost resting on a cobbed pavement beside an iron railing fence. Eagle-eyed collectors will also notice that the street sign says ‘Buildmore Road’, a humorous hidden detail. The Victorian streetlamp is almost as iconic as the red telephone box in its own right, and we’re pleased this made it into the set – the hanging plant baskets and flowerpot on the ground also add a splash of green and blue for some welcome contrast.

LEGO IDEAS Red London Telephone Box 21347 

The inside of the London phone box can be decorated with either a vintage rotary phone or the equally nostalgic 1990s phone, as seen in numerous film and TV show scenes, where the main character would usually make a call while sheltering from the rain. There are also some quirky adverts to hang on the board above the phone.

The pièce de résistance on this set comes in the form of a LEGO light brick, activated by pressing on the roof of the box to shine a golden light inside – handy when looking up a phone number at night!

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