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LEGO Review – Spider-Man’s Mask 76285


LEGO Review – Spider-Man’s Mask 76285

We’re big fans of the LEGO Helmets range, and we were quick to snap up the recently-released Spider-Man’s Mask 76285 to display alongside our other helmet/bust-style sets.

The LEGO helmet models are highly displayable, incorporating a ready-made brick stand and information plaque, so a range of likenesses can easily be showcased alongside each other on a shelf, desk or exhibition stand. With a host of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars characters reproduced in the helmet style, these sets form a handy collection of some of the best personalities from pop-culture franchises.

Join us for our short review of the latest MCU superhero masks in brick-built form…

Spider-Man’s Mask 76285

First Impressions and Best Features

Spider-Man wears one of the most iconic masks in comic-book history, and we’re pleased to say that the spherical model is immediately recognisable as Peter Parker’s superhero alter ego.

The model includes Spider-Man’s large, half-moon eye lenses with black frames and the red colour scheme decorated with dark web details seen in the movies and comics. Simple and minimalist, the set seeks to accurately replicate the hero’s mask, with just enough studs and exterior brick elements to set it aside from a standard collectible and give it that LEGO feel.

The display plaque also enhances the set’s displayability, including the official Marvel logo beside the LEGO one.

Overall, the model feels chunky and sturdy, easily fitting within the palm of your hand as a head-shaped bust should do. There is also a pleasingly smooth finish to the external elements, lending the set a stylish shine in the right lighting conditions. The set sits perfectly beside other Marvel helmets, especially arch-nemesis Venom 76187.

Spider-Man’s Mask 76285

Design Flaws

Spider-Man’s Mask 76285 looks great from a distance; however, there are a few noticeable defects up close.

Our main criticism is the combination of elements with a pre-applied web effect mixed with those using sticker decals. The blend of the two feels visually jarring – and as per the above image, the stickers stand out like a bad web.

As others have noted online, the 487-piece model is also expensive for the small number of unique elements included. It also feels frustrating that some of the best brick pieces are hidden around the back of the set, with the front taken up with simple, oversized pieces that make us pine for a more old-school LEGO design with more definition. Because of the large elements used, you can see noticeable gaps at close range.

Some enthusiasts have also said the model feels too small when compared to other releases. However, we’re inclined to argue this is accurate, with Spidey usually portrayed as slim and short in height, adding to his arachnid-like dexterity.

Spider-Man’s Mask 76285

Final Score

Spider-Man’s Mask 76285 offers a fun build experience, which can easily be tackled in just over an hour and a half for seasoned enthusiasts. Despite being marked as a LEGO set for adults, this mask bust would also make a great gift to younger builders looking for an immersive, next-step challenge.

Despite the flaws listed above, the model looks good from every angle and is an ideal set for fans of the NYC webslinger to put on their desk at work or to spruce up their home décor with a classic interpretation of an eye-catching superhero mask.

Our final score, taking into account all aspects of the model –


LEGO Spider-Man’s Mask 76285 display case

How To Display LEGO Spider-Man’s Mask 76285

The iDisplayit acrylic display case perfectly exhibits your Spider-Man set while keeping it dust-free and shielded against other MCU villains. Thanks to the fully transparent front, back and side panels, the model can also be viewed from multiple angles. Each case also comes with a choice of a black or white glossy acrylic base, depending on your preference.

If you want to display your Spider-Man mask alongside other helmets, you should also check out iDisplayit’s multiple-model options, allowing three, four or five sets to be showcased together in one case.

Take a look at the below collection, which includes three LEGO Marvel helmets in a row –

LEGO Helmet display collection


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