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LEGO Round-Up – Hocus Pocus & LEGO City Airplane Revealed


Hocus Pocus & LEGO City Airplane Revealed

LEGO have officially revealed two new brick sets coming out this year – Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sister’s Cottage 21341 will be available for early VIP access purchase on 1st July 2023, and the LEGO CITY Passenger Airplane 60367 will hit shelves on 1st September 2023.

Join us as we cast our gaze over the new sets…

Hocus Pocus LEGO set

Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sister’s Cottage 21341


The hit fantasy comedy film Hocus Pocus was set in the real American town of Salem, famous for its history of witchcraft, trials and spooky happenings. The film concerns a teenage boy who accidentally resurrects three wacky witch sisters, Winifred, Sarah, and Mary, who proceed to terrorise the town in pursuit of the magic spell book needed to defeat them. The film’s hero, Max Dennison, teams up with an immortal black cat, his sister and his classmate crush to fight the wild trio.

Fans of the 1993 Disney Halloween holiday classic will be thrilled to learn that LEGO are now set to release an official brick-built version of the old-world cottage owned by the three Sanderson witch sisters.

This new LEGO set is priced relatively high. However, the build does feature impeccable exterior detail on the house, with latticed window frames, crumbling stonework on the roof, exposed, uneven wooden slats, and a waterwheel set beside unpleasant weeds crawling up the sides of the building. The set also includes a funky wall and gate, complete with a tree element and a set of grave markers for the witches’ previous victims.

The cosy cottage interiors hide plenty of nostalgic references to the film, including the magical spell tome, hanging cages, spider’s webs, a pumpkin, a bubbling cauldron, and a particularly smiley skull head. Special mention has to go to the minifigures included in the set (Winifred Sanderson, Sarah Sanderson, Mary Sanderson, Max Dennison, Dani Dennison, Allison Watts, and Thackery Binx in cat form). The witches’ wacky hairdos and colourful outfits are perfectly recreated, and the other characters are instantly recognisable – especially Dani in her red Halloween witches costume, complete with trick-or-treat bowl.

This looks like a fantastic LEGO set to be displayed at Halloween, which would easily pair alongside similarly themed releases.

Passenger Airplane 60367


No sprawling LEGO City build is complete without an Airport. This September, LEGO City collectors will be able to add a sleek commercial passenger jet to their landscape, complete with interior details such as the cockpit, seating aisles and toilet, as well as exterior styling and support vehicles, including the airstair, apron bus, and baggage truck.

The model airliner set also includes seven minifigures, ranging from airport staff to passengers. With all the added elements to this new set, the Passenger Airplane release offers LEGO City builders an excellent opportunity to add some life to their airport runways.

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