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LEGO Set Reveal – Encanto Photo Frame, Jewellery Box and Flowerpot


LEGO Set Leak – Encanto Photo Frame, Jewellery Box and Flowerpot

Following a leak from German retailer JB Spielwaren, LEGO have revealed two new sets based on Disney’s popular 2021 animated musical fantasy film Encanto

LEGO 43239 Mirabel’s Photo Frame and Jewellery Box

LEGO 43237 Isabela’s Flowerpot

The two new sets will follow in the footsteps of The Madrigal House 43202, which gave collectors the chance to own a brick-built version of the family home from the movie. The 3-storey home included three Disney characters (in the style of LEGO Friends models) and a building filled with recognisable film references and imaginative accessories.

With the Madrigal House model on its last chance to buy before retirement, the reveal of two new Encanto LEGO sets is welcome news.

Encanto LEGO

What Is The Story of Encanto?

Encanto tells the story of the Madrigals, a magical, multigenerational family who live in the mountains of Colombia in a magically charmed area called the Encanto. Each family member is granted magical gifts, except for the main character, Mirabel. After discovering that the magic of the Encanto is failing, Mirabel fights to restore the family’s bond, revitalise the Encanto’s enchantment, and find her place by proving that everyone holds their own special magic beyond traditional abilities.

Encanto LEGO

What Is the Release Date for the new LEGO Encanto sets?

LEGO 43237 and LEGO 43239 both have a release date of 1st March 2024.

How Much Are The New Encanto Models?

LEGO 43237 Isabela’s Flowerpot is listed for £39.99.

LEGO 43239 Mirabel’s Photo Frame and Jewellery Box is listed for £24.99.


Encanto LEGO

LEGO Encanto Sets – Features

Isabela’s Flowerpot 43237 focuses on Mirabel’s older sister, Isabela, who possesses the ability to make flowers grow in the movie. The model can be set out in two ways, either in a closed position as a stand-alone flowerpot (it could easily pass as part of the LEGO Botanical Collection in our opinion) or opened to reveal Isabela’s hidden bedroom. The inside includes plenty of sticker decals and furniture, all decked out in pink and purple hues.

Mirabel’s Photo Frame and Jewellery Box 43239 offers collector’s life-sized brick-built versions of Mirabel’s jewellery box and photo frame, as seen in the film, making them perfect for adorning the top of a chest of drawers or desk. A real photo can be placed inside the frame, and the box opens to provide space for the wristband or other jewellery and mementoes to be stored away.

The colourful design of both sets should appeal to KFOLs and younger brick fans who enjoy Encanto, making them great gift options for upcoming birthdays.

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