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LEGO Set Reveal – Disney LEGO Wish Trio


Disney LEGO Wish Trio

Disney’s Wish is an upcoming animated musical-comedy set to hit screens in November 2023. To tie in with the new movie, LEGO have revealed three new sets – King Magnifico’s Castle 43224, Asha in The City of Rosas 43223, and Asha’s Cottage 43231.

In the upcoming film, Asha (described as a ‘sharp-witted idealist’) teams up with a ball of magical energy called Star to take on the formidable King Magnifico, ruler of the Kingdom of Rosas. The trio of new Disney LEGO sets present three locations from the story, with plenty of characters included.

LEGO Wish sets

What Is the Release Date for The Disney Wish LEGO Trio?

All three sets will be available from 1st October 2023.

How Much Are the New Disney Wish Sets?

King Magnifico’s Castle: £84.99 at LEGO Online  |  Asha’s Cottage: £46.99 at LEGO Online  |  Asha in the City of Rosas: £18.99 at LEGO Online

What Is the Brick Count?

King Magnifico’s Castle: 615 pieces  |  Asha’s Cottage: 509 pieces  |  Asha in the City of Rosas: 154 pieces

How Many LEGO Minifigures Are Included?

Similar to the LEGO Friends range, all three Wish sets feature LEGO mini-dolls instead of traditional LEGO Minifigures.

King Magnifico’s Castle – four mini-dolls: Asha, Dahlia, King Magnifico and Star.  |  Asha’s Cottage – four mini-doll figures: Asha, Sakina, Sabino and Star. |  Asha in the City of Rosas – three mini-dolls: Asha, Valentino and Star.

King Magnifico’s Castle 43224

Disney LEGO Wish Trio – Features

King Magnifico’s Castle 43224 presents a fairytale castle, similar to other Disney sets, such as Elsa’s Ice Palace from Frozen. The building has four levels with plenty of hidden details such as a mirrored wardrobe, secret laboratory, kitchen bakery and removable pyramid roof.

Asha’s Cottage 43231

Asha’s Cottage 43231 takes us to the heroine’s home, which features a purple and white façade, latticed windows and a wishing well. The medieval stylings of the exterior extend inside the construction playset, which includes a living room table with a smiley-face cake and an upstairs bedroom with a fireplace.

Asha in the City of Rosas 43223

Asha in the City of Rosas 43223 offers a marketplace building with a staircase leading to a balcony. A tall palm tree also hugs the staircase. Behind the model, we can see a back room with a table and wall hangings. We particularly like the look of Asha’s purple cart with golden wheels!


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