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LEGO Set Reveal – Icons Medieval Town Square 10332


LEGO Set Reveal – Icons Medieval Town Square 10332

The last few years have been good for fans of medieval castles (and those who hold a nostalgic memory for the LEGO Castle themes of yesteryear), with the vast Lion Knights’ Castle 10305 arriving to honour the LEGO 90th anniversary in 2022, and 2023 seeing the Majisto’s Magical Workshop 40601 gift with purchase come and go.

Brick enthusiasts might have been forgiven for thinking that would be it for new medieval-themed LEGO sets, but now 2024 sees the arrival of a splendid village square filled with characters and detail. If the model looks familiar, that’s because it’s a reimagining and update of the 2009 Medieval Market Village playset, which transported builders to the village of Felsa.

Medieval Town Square 10332 will be available from 4th March 2024, with early access for LEGO Insiders –

LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332

What Is the Release Date for LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332?

The new medieval town and buildings set will be available from 4th March 2024. LEGO Insiders members can enjoy early access between the 1st and 3rd of March.

How Much Is the LEGO Medieval Town Square Set?

The set is priced at £199.99 – see it at LEGO online.

LEGO Medieval Town Square

How Many Minifigures Are Included?

The LEGO 10332 comes with eight minifigures, including a crook, carpenter, tax collector, tapestry weaver, shieldsmith and tower guard – check them out above!

What Is the Brick Count?

The LEGO 10332 set clocks in at 3,304 pieces, incorporating an old farmhouse, cheese factory, Broken Axes Inn, a shieldsmith’s workshop, a watchtower, and an array of objects and accessories.

LEGO Medieval Town Square

LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332 – Features

Medieval Town Square 10332 is a premium-quality set that reimagines the cherished village of Felsa from the 2009 Medieval Market Village playset.

Filled with enough detail to satisfy any olde world history buff, this bustling square includes plenty of unique minifigure characters and accessories to add life to any display scene. Exterior elements include an old meeting tree, a cheese stall, a cart and interactive parts such as the working crane in the carpentry workshop and a secret compartment in the guest room of the Broken Axes Inn.

Small details always add the finishing touches to these large models – our favourites include the wanted posters on the tree, the heraldic shields in the workshop, the helmet and axe heads placed above the inn door, and the lookout points on the watchtower. Interior aspects of the age-old buildings include all the accessories needed to create a thriving, busy inn, a well-stocked farmhouse, and a noisy shieldsmith workshop.

With so many characters and locations, this set feels truly alive. If you stare at the model long enough, you can easily imagine the noise and hum of a traditional medieval town square rising from the depths of history.

Medieval Town Square 10332 is an obvious pairing for Lion Knights’ Castle 10305 to create one epic landscape of authentic medieval splendour. We can’t wait to see how the fanbase choose to combine these two sets into one diorama!

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