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LEGO Set Reveal – Piranha Plant


LEGO Piranha Plant 71426

“Grawr Charble Grawr! (Hey, what’s cooking? YOU ARE!)”
—Piranha Plant, Mario Party DS.

Ever since 1985’s Super Mario Bros., gamers have discovered for themselves the perils of leaping over green pipes in the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, adult fans of the world’s most famous Italian plumber and his side-scrolling adventures can own a piece of Mario history for themselves in brick-built form with the reveal of the LEGO Piranha Plant 71426.

LEGO Piranha Plant 71426

What Is the Release Date for the Piranha Plant?

The new Super Mario AFOL set will be available from 6th November 2023.

How Much Is the LEGO 71426 Model?

The Piranha Plant is priced at £57.99 on the LEGO online store.

What Is the Brick Count?

The LEGO Piranha Plant comprises 540 pieces.

How Many LEGO Minifigures Are Included?


LEGO Piranha Plant 71426

Piranha Plant 71426 – Features

Fans of the world of Super Mario will love this new LEGO model. Thanks to its medium size, this pipe-potted death plant can easily sit on a desk, counter or tabletop without taking up excessive space like some of the larger sets revealed over the last few months.

The distinctive features of the Piranha Plant are neatly reflected through the intelligent use of LEGO elements, including the sharp teeth and gruesome red and white pod-like mouth and head. Every part of the model is poseable, including the green stalk and leaves, so you can twist the model into whatever position you like.

The Piranha Plant 71426 model also includes two gold coins: replicas of the same valuables Mario collects in the game series. This latest Super Mario model would sit neatly beside other sets, such as the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block.

Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block display case


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