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LEGO Trial New ‘LEGO Replay’ UK Brick Recycling Scheme


LEGO Trial New ‘LEGO Replay’ UK Brick Recycling Scheme

On the surface, LEGO might appear to be unintentionally at odds with the increasing global shift to sustainability, with millions of plastic bricks produced each year for new sets.

However, as any LEGO enthusiast knows, the toys boast one significant advantage – their near-infinite replayability and popularity as used purchases or hand-me-downs to friends and family. When the day comes when a parent wants to clear out their kid’s old bricks, they can usually find parents eager for a box for their own child. Equally, there exists a healthy fan community and resale market always looking to snap up a second-hand set, with most charity shops also happy to receive donations. In theory, a LEGO set should never need to be thrown away.

LEGO are also keen to get involved and promote the issue of sustainability in a positive way, both to improve their brand and make a difference.

LEGO bricks

LEGO Launches UK Brick Take-Back Service

On January 18th, 2024, LEGO announced they would trial a new scheme to help families and collectors recycle any unwanted (and perhaps unsellable) bricks so they don’t risk becoming landfill waste.

‘LEGO Replay’ aims to take unused LEGO bricks given to them as donations and test different recycling methods. The primary aim is to use the bricks to produce new items to inspire creativity and play among children, such as learning support products and school storage boxes. LEGO have also teamed up with In Kind Direct to distribute boxes filled with old bricks to schools and community centres so they can enjoy a second lease of life, becoming part of new brick builds in the immortal spirit of the toy.

Speaking about the new scheme, the LEGO Vice President of Environmental Sustainability, Tim Brooks, said: “We’re really proud that so many of our fans in the UK already pass the joy of LEGO play to others. Our bricks are designed to be durable and safe enough to be handed down from generation to generation to inspire endless play and creativity for many years. Piloting LEGO Replay in the UK is an important step on our journey to becoming more circular. We want to rehome, repurpose or recycle every LEGO brick to keep them in play for longer.”

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LEGO Replay – How to Donate Bricks and Get Involved

From LEGO.com –

Simply pack up any unused bricks in any box, print out a freepost label from LEGO.com/Replay-UK and ship them from any DPD Drop Shop across England, Scotland and Wales. A freepost service for our fans in Northern Ireland will be available soon.

Do you have an old box of jumbled and spare LEGO elements hanging around? Perhaps it’s time to donate them to a good cause – we’ll certainly be scouring our offices for unwanted bricks.

LEGO recycling

The Future of LEGO Sustainability

LEGO have recently tripled their spending on eco sustainability over four years to $1.4 billion – a huge financial commitment.

Recent initiatives include drives to ensure all products and packaging are made from sustainable materials by 2032 (with a move away from single-use plastic). Last year saw a transition to paper-based bags in Europe and Asia, something which should be coming to the UK soon. LEGO also aims to eliminate carbon emissions by 37% by 2032, with the long-term goal of becoming net zero by 2050.

Read more about LEGO and its green pledges on their recycling page.


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