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Our Favourite LEGO Ideas Disney 100 Years of Fairytales Entries – Part One


LEGO Disney 100 Years of Fairytales

Following the success of LEGO Ideas competitions such as Exploring The World of Middle-Earth, LEGO recently announced their latest challenge, 100 Years of Fairytales, to coincide with Disney’s ongoing 100th-anniversary celebrations.

This fun task challenges aspiring MOC and custom-build creators to construct their own LEGO models styled on the early Disney animated films (recent acquisitions such as Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar do not count). As any Disney fan knows, the original wave of classic films were primarily based on bedside tales and folklore from the likes of the Brothers Grimm, hence the focus on honouring a century of fairytales. The theme also offers plenty of design potential, with numerous fantastical worlds and characters to visit.

LEGO fan designers can use up to 800 LEGO elements to create a diorama, iconic scene, favourite character or item to symbolise what Disney means to them. The ultimate victor will be announced on 1st September 2023, after which the winning entry will enter official LEGO production.

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Can I Vote For My Favourite LEGO Ideas 100 Years of Fairytale Entries?

The competition is currently in the crowd vote stage, meaning you can register and vote for your favourite idea before polling closes on 20th July 2023. With a staggering 351 entries submitted during the competition’s initial idea intake stage, there’s no shortage of outstanding creative builds to choose from.

Join us as we pick out a few of our personal favourites over the next two articles – only one of these entries made it through to the next round, but make sure you still join the fun and submit your vote for the builds selected by the expert review while you still can!

Archimedes MOC

Who? Who!? It’s Archimedes!

This early contender from ilPas presents a brick-built version of the unforgettable Archimedes, the owl from 1963’s The Sword in the Stone. The highly intelligent and highly grumpy creature was Merlin the wizard’s companion. We think this inspired model borders on professional, with a large amount of character reflected in the ruffled face and beady yellow eyes. It looks just as good to us as official LEGO releases such as Harry Potter’s Hedwig the Owl.

The Sword in The Stone MOC

The Sword in The Stone

While we’re on the subject of the animated film interpretation of the Arthurian legend, this diorama by MontyMatte offers a compact brick build of the scene where young Arthur managed to pull the legendary Excalibur from the anvil in the hallowed churchyard. There’s plenty of neat attention to detail, including a shield and sigil, an oak tree, and medieval brickwork.

The Lion King – Movie Poster MOC

The Lion King – Movie Poster

EvLeFri opted to produce their own LEGO replica of the 1994 movie poster for The Lion King, which shows Simba on the edge of Pride Rock with the vivid African sunset on the horizon. We always love a LEGO Art set to hang on our walls, and with a few tweaks from the LEGO team, we think this could sit proudly alongside similar mosaic-style releases such as the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 31209.

Fantasia MOC

Fantasia - The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Simple ideas often work best, and BrickStability’s scene of the hard-working sentient broomsticks from 1940’s Fantasia displays a memorable moment from the animated musical classic, complete with well-conceived effects of the splashing buckets and the water lapping against the steps.

Through The Fifth Dimension of The Tower of Terror MOC 

Through The Fifth Dimension of The Tower of Terror

This my-own-creation from BreakOutTheBricks is a realistic copy of the famous Tower of Terror ride found at Disney amusement parks. The lift seats the same number of guests as the real thing, providing an opportunity to exhibit minifigures with various humorous expressions. We like the adaptability of this feature – perhaps the minifigure cast of Star Wars or other Disney characters could take their turn on the ride!

We’re intrigued to see which entries the judges send through to the next round. Let us know in the comments any fan builds you liked the look of, and don’t forget to check out our display cases for Disney LEGO and collectables.


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