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Review of LEGO Easter GWP: 40682 Spring Garden House


LEGO GWP 2024 Spring House

We are eggstatic about the latest 2024 LEGO Easter gifts and will be taking a closer look at the Spring Garden House, set 40682, free with purchases over £70 until 31st March. It's an adorable set comprising of 277 pieces and is perfect for six-year-olds (and older) to occupy them for an hour or so. LEGO is also offering another Easter GWP, 30668 Easter Bunny with Colourful Eggs if you spend over £35.


The first thing to notice is the pastel colour palette, which is in keeping with the season's hues. The 277 pieces are divided into five bags and one loose 4x12 plate.

Spring Garden House Bag Count

So bag 1 allows us to build the adorable little chick and rabbit. The build for the chick is reminiscent of the Mario Blind Bags and the rabbit has the classic ears made by combining a 1x2 clip, 1x1 plate and a 1x2 slope. The bunny has a cute little LEGO lime green watering can and a carrot to snack upon.

Spring Garden House Bag 1 Contents

Hopping into bag 2 we are met with more pastels and some light tan. This bag is starting to build the archway with a few flowers dotted about it and a delightful red bucket. There is nothing complicated about this at all, and it's a straightforward use of bricks and plates.

Spring Garden House Bag 2 Contents

Bag 3 rolls out more of the same colour scheme but with a little more white and some super bright yellow slopes. The first part we build is the right side of the archway, which then basically replicates the build for the left side. Next, we get the green semicircle plate which is attached via tan 1x4 plates and a 2x4 tile to form the ground at the front of the house. Grey circular tiles are used to create the detailing (and in our opinion it looks like a Mickey Mouse head!).

Spring Garden House Bag 3 Contents

Bags 4 and 5 are opened simultaneously to create the left and right sides of the eggstremely cute LEGO house. There are a couple of little windows that are adorned with flower studs and we now use the white 4x12 plate that was loose in the box to create the base for the roof. This is a nice simple design incorporating 1x1 clips, and pink curved pieces with handles, that create a roof that can be opened or closed.

Spring Garden House Bag 4&5 Contents

Two large pink curved bricks form the front of the roof and sitting on top of the rafters is a green egg on a golden leaf (maybe symbolising a chocolate egg with foil wrap?). To finish off the roof we create a canopy using two shades of blue 1x3 slopes and add a curved window and flowers on top. The final step is to add the large blue smooth sections to the front top portions of the house and to decorate it with leaves and flowers.

Spring Garden House Unboxing Final


This was a cute little LEGO seasonal build. Its simplicity coupled with effective building techniques makes it a wonderful choice for those looking to have some fun while being creative. If you plan on purchasing on the LEGO site this March, then this is a great freebie which comes highly recommended - but ultimately is it worth spending £70 for?



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