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Summer of Star Wars – LEGO Yavin 4 And More Arriving This August


LEGO Yavin 4 And More Arriving This August

Star Wars LEGO fans have been spoilt for choice on new sets this year, with such epic-scale additions as the UCS X-Wing Starfighter and Razor Crest, smaller film diorama exhibits like the Emperor’s Throne Room and Endor Speeder Chase, and a steady array of space fighter models including the Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs TIE Interceptor. BrickHeadz fans were also recently treated to the Star Wars Battle of Endor Heroes brick figurine set.

The LEGO release schedule from the galaxy far, far away has entered lightspeed for the second half of the year, with a cantina-load of new sets to look forward to. The most anticipated release is a large, brick-building set of the iconic Yavin 4 rebel base featured in the original trilogy and Rogue One. There are also three new LEGO Mech sets, a new starfighter and a set inspired by the upcoming Disney+ Ahsoka series.

All the new models will be available from 1st August 2023.

Yavin 4 LEGO set

Yavin 4 Rebel Base 75365


It’s about time collectors were given a brick-built version of the Rebel Alliance’s hidden base of operations on the jungle-covered Yavin 4. The rebel base first appeared in 1977’s A New Hope as the hub from which the alliance launched their attack on the Death Star. It also appeared in the stand-alone prequel, Rogue One, as well as numerous computer games, such as the Rogue Squadron series.

The rebels set up the disguised moon base within a network of ancient temples formerly owned by Massassi natives. The new LEGO set faithfully recreates the exterior stone features of the Great Temple, including the neat addition of green foliage. Turning the model around reveals plenty of detailed interiors, such as the command room with a rotating hologram table and the pilot briefing room where General Dondonna first ran through the Death Star attack plan with the rebel pilots.

Our favourite element has to be the buildable tree and elevated watchtower. This quirky scenic feature was seen in Yavin 4’s establishing shot in A New Hope, where a lookout with a distinctive helmet monitored the Millennium Falcon as it pulled in to land.

The set also includes minifigures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, General Dodonna, Jon Vander, Garven Dreis, Rebel Fleet Trooper and Rebel Crew, all in unique clothing from the medal ceremony and rebel duties. R2-D2 and R2-BHD are also included as droid minifigures. These ten LEGO minifigures are worth collecting on their own as additions to a wall-mounted or tabletop minifigure display case, such as the 60 LEGO Minifigures Wall Display Case.

The set also includes a Y-Wing starfighter to park in the hangar bay on the lowest level. The set offers plenty of fun opportunities for an expanded display utilising additional Rebel Alliance ships or environmental elements taken from other sets.

Yoda's Starfighter LEGO

Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter 75360


As part of the new wave, collectors can purchase Jedi Master Yoda’s heavily modified Jedi starfighter for the first time in LEGO form. In the Clone Wars TV show, Yoda used the ship on various discovery missions to planets such as Dagobah and Moraband. However, we remember Yoda’s Actis-class Light Interceptor most fondly from endless PvP dogfights in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Don’t forget to grab a LEGO stand if you purchase the new set.

332nd Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper Battle Pack 75359


This smaller playset includes a Clone infantry support speeder, with minifigures of Clone Captain Vaughn and three 332nd Clone Troopers. The set is based on the hit Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon series, although we expect the characters to also appear in the upcoming Ahsoka Tana show on Disney+.

Stormtrooper Mech 75370 | Boba Fett Mech 75369 | Darth Vader Mech 75368

Boba Fett Mech 75369 | Darth Vader Mech 75368 | Stormtrooper Mech 75370


If you’re a fan of LEGO Mech figurines, then you’ll want to snap up these three new Star Wars offerings. We find the idea of a canonical mech-armoured Darth Vader amusing, though stranger things have happened in the universe!

Already got all the Star Wars LEGO sets you need? Don’t forget to check out our premium range of display cases and stands for your collection.


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