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The Best LEGO UCS AT-AT Displays – A Guide for Collectors


The Best LEGO AT-AT Displays

The LEGO AT-AT 75313 is a stunning model which brings the magic of the Star Wars Original Trilogy to life in brick-built form. The Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set hit shelves on 27th November 2021 and soon became one of the most-desired sets to own for collectors and fans of the galaxy far, far away. It remains one of the largest Star Wars LEGO sets ever produced (standing at 62cm tall), with a whopping 6,785 brick pieces used in its construction.

Luke Skywalker hanging on

What Makes The LEGO AT-AT 75313 So Special?

Apart from being one of the most iconic and intimidating machines in the Star Wars universe (who could forget the moment it initially appeared from the snowy mists during the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back?), the LEGO model is a stunning reproduction of the All Terrain Armoured Transport Walker. This vehicle design perfectly suits LEGO, using the studs and different engineered brick elements to create a grey engineering monstrosity on four legs.

Due to the high price (£734.99 on the LEGO store at the time of writing) and the immense size, a particular status symbol is attached to owning the set. Apart from the UCS Millennium Falcon 75192, there are few sets more likely to thrill friends and family who see one of these epic models on display – it also remains a favourite centrepiece at LEGO stores across the country.

Building the LEGO AT-AT

How Long Does It Take To Build The LEGO AT-AT 75313?

Most fans report that the set takes over 15 hours to assemble from start to finish. With the time and money invested in building this phenomenal Star Wars LEGO set, no one wants to see it gathering dust in an attic or garage – the set needs to be safely exhibited front and centre!

Displaying the AT-AT on a flat surface

How To Display Your LEGO AT-AT 75313

Many collectors might choose to place their LEGO AT-AT Walker on a table or counter, as per the image above. However, this presents several risks. Apart from being susceptible to settling dust (which is very boring and tricky to clean out of narrow elements), the model can also be knocked over due to its narrow width while standing on four legs. It’s fun to see one of these machines toppled by a Snow Speeder’s tow cable during the films, but no one wants to see their expensive collectible break into a thousand pieces in their own home.

UCS AT-AT LEGO display case

Glassdoor bookcases and windowed display shelves are great options for exhibiting an extensive collection, but many collectors are averse to investing in such heavy fixtures that can sometimes take up an entire wall.

There are plenty of individual display cases on the market, from the likes of iDisplayit, Boxxco, Wicked Brick and BrixBox. The advantage of such acrylic units is that they offer a lightweight yet sturdy and reliable option for showcasing LEGO models. We love the see-through LEGO AT-AT 75313 display case from iDisplayit (see above), which has room for all the minifigures included in the set along with the collector’s info plaque.

LEGO AT-AT display case with background

Display cases will still gather dust but are much more straightforward to clean each week, requiring a quick wipe with a cloth. Best of all, the LEGO model stays protected from discolouring from your household cleaning products – the 3mm acrylic also protects the set from scratches and clumsy pets.

For an extra-special version of the display case, check out the above edition, which includes an added printed art background of the ice planet Hoth. You can grab this stunning themed-display case here. This is the kind of transparent LEGO presentation box you can place anywhere to turn your home interiors into a museum of Sci-Fi movie history!

AT-AT display case from above


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