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The LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition Has Arrived

And it's as exciting as we hoped it would be!


Muggles, Witches, Wizards, Goblins, Werewolves, and Harry Potter fans everywhere – a very special LEGO train is rolling into King’s Cross Station with the new release of the Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition (76405).

Most Wizarding World enthusiasts probably wish they could discover a secret wall to Platform 9¾ at their local train station instead of facing another day at work. Until Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry becomes a reality, we’ll have to make do with the latest epic brick-built offering from LEGO, which promises a spellbinding experience for enthusiasts and collectors throughout the wizarding world.

LEGO Hogwarts Express CE Set

How Big Is the LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition?

First things first – how big is the new set? LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition is a 1:32 scale (approx.) replica of the enchanting steam train from the Harry Potter series. It measures over 46.5 inches in length, standing over 10.5 inches high and 8 inches wide, making this project a worthy set piece to display in your home to your fellow build-and-display enthusiasts.

LEGO Plaque for new LEGO Hogwarts Express Train

How Much Does the LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition Cost?

The Hogwarts Express Collectors' Edition is in a similar price range to other premium LEGO sets at £429.99.

Despite a price that might raise the eyebrows of a few Gringotts Bankers, the new set has plenty of magical bang for your buck. With an anticipated retirement date within 18–24 months, the set is only likely to increase in value as an investment.

New 2022 LEGO Hogwarts Express Train

How Many LEGO Pieces Are in the Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition?

The new Harry Potter LEGO set contains a whopping 5129 bricks – enough to fill a leaky cauldron or two. It also includes an impressive 20 LEGO minifigures, including Harry Potter and his friends, Draco Malfoy, a Dementor, Remus Lupin and a train conductor, all recreating iconic scenes from the books and films.

This advanced LEGO construction set offers a fulfilling challenge for adults and children alike, with enough construction time to watch a Harry Potter movie or two in the background.

Interior of 75955 LEGO Hogwarts Express

How Many LEGO Hogwarts Express Sets Are There?

The latest Collector’s Edition model represents the second release of the iconic steam train. Collectors can still purchase the standard Hogwarts Express (75955) for £79.99 at the LEGO store.

The standard set, released in August 2018, features a smaller train with plenty of essential minifigures and an authentically detailed recreation of the platform and railway bridge.

LEGO Hogwarts Express in a Display Case with a black base

How To Display and Protect the LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition

Owners of the original set can purchase the iDisplayit premium Hogwarts Express Display Case for LEGO 75955, made from high-quality acrylic panels and easily assembled using our uniquely disguised screw fittings. The container is perfect for protecting the set from dust, spells and death eaters.

Keep an eye on the iDisplayit website for our custom protective case for the new Collector’s Edition (coming soon).

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