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We Excitedly Built the LEGO GWP Mimic Box - Come Check Out Our Review

Mimicking a Mimic

LEGO Mimic Build Review

In case some of you have been too busy trading blows with Vecna recently, LEGO has recently released LEGO 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon's Tale and if you had managed to consume a potion of speed and order your set between 1st - 7th of April, you would have been eligible for the LEGO GWP (6510864) The Mimic Box. This set was extremely popular and seemingly the GWP ended up out of stock very quickly.

first steps building lego mimic box


The mimic is one of the most long-standing fantasy characters in the genre, first making an appearance in D&D in 1977. It is best known for turning itself into an appealing-looking treasure chest to trap unknowing travellers and then transform them into a tasty meal. This cheeky chest has been recreated in LEGO using 168 bricks and we think it looks awesome.

We start off building the base with two 4x4 purple plates and a blue 2x6 plate, adding onto this the grey edge pieces and then it's just a case (chest) of building up the sides. We build it up to the height of five bricks plus a tile and start adding some of the detailing. The colour scheme is very eye-catching and the purple really pops (much like your eyes would if the Mimic were to eat you). The bright blue of the tongue is a great accompaniment to the purple too.

second steps building lego mimic box

The bottom row of teeth are added using the usual “teeth” pieces, 49668 and 15208 in tan, and it looks really effective against the dark background of the chest. The keyhole is a printed 1x1 tile and sits nicely under the foreboding fangs. The next steps are creating the lid of the chest, and we have hinge elements added here to attach onto the light grey “handles” we just attached at the back.

third steps building lego mimic box

The last few steps are supplying this fearsome beast with more dental work to eat you with and some frightfully bright printed orange 1x1 circular tiles that replicate its multiple eyes (all the better to see you with). Once the lid is added to the base, you have the option as to whether to display your LEGO Mimic Box with its tongue exposed or if you would rather, you can tuck it away and close the lid.


We were eagerly awaiting this particular LEGO GWP and it does not disappoint. In all honesty, this has been a learning curve as we weren’t exactly sure about Mimic and its qualities, however now, we love ‘em. This was a 20-30 minute build and was very straightforward but still enjoyable. The finished item is a good size roughly 8cm wide, 5.5 cm deep and 7cm high (with the lid closed). There is sufficient room inside to store some dice ready for rolling in your next battle against Acererak, and with that, we wish you well and safe travels, young adventurer.


display case clear for upside down lego house


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