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We Got Our Hands On The 2024 LEGO May 4th Gift With Purchases!

Help the Federation prepare for battle with these LEGO Gift with Purchases.

May Fourth LEGO GWP Offers

We are extremely lucky and were able to lay our paws on the new LEGO 'Star Wars Day' gift with purchases; Star Wars AAT (30680), Trade Federation Troop Carrier (40686) and the Battle of Yavin Coin (5008818) (exclusive to LEGO Insiders only). Keep reading for a sneak peek at what to expect from these special Star Wars 25th Anniversary GWPs.

30680 LEGO Star Wars Build


The LEGO 30680 AAT has a brick count of 75 pieces and has 22 building steps in total. Everyone who spends £35 or more on LEGO Star Wars between the 1st May 2024 and 5th May 2024 is eligible for this GWP. This mini model is a pretty accurate replica of the floating tanks that we see the battle droids operating on the Trade Federation frontline armoured infantry divisions. The AAT (Armoured Assault Tank) was first seen in action when the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, which leads us to LEGO set 40686.

May Fourth LEGO GWP Naboo


This new Trade Federation Troop Carrier (40686) LEGO set may seem familiar to some of y’all, and that’s because in 2011 LEGO released set 7929, The Battle of Naboo. There aren’t massive differences between the two sets; as we compare below:

  LEGO The Battle of Naboo (7929) LEGO Trade Federation Troop Carrier (40686)
Release Date 2011 2024
Piece Count 241 262
Minifigures 12 8
Build Steps 26 47
RRP £25.99 £26.99

The main difference is the number of minifigures, as LEGO set 7929 included 12 LEGO Minifigures (two of which were Gungans) and the soon-be-released model 40686 will contain eight LEGO Minifigures; two Battle Droid Pilots and six Battle Droids. The Trade Federation Troop Carrier GWP can be acquired between 1st May 2024 and 5th May 2024 when you spend over £145 or more on LEGO Star Wars sets.

40686 LEGO Star Wars Build

The LEGO 40686 Trade Federation Troop Carrier has a total of 47 steps, all of which were easy to follow and have created a great product that would look super in anyone's LEGO Phantom Menace collection. After completing the framework for the Troop Carrier (with some help from the Pilot Droids) we assembled the droid-carrying section. This part holds six LEGO Battle Droids and their weapons and can slide out in order to deploy them ready for battle.

40686 LEGO Star Wars Build Part 2


LEGO 40686 Federation Troop Carrier is a bricktastic Gift With Purchase and sits nicely next to the LEGO 30680 AAT, showing that the Federation is ready for battle. It would’ve been nice if the Tank had included a Battle Droid or if they had created a new LEGO Polybag for the GWP. So, for the two GWPS, we give this as our final score...


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40686 LEGO Star Wars Build Final Part


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