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Where Can I Buy the LEGO Titanic Set?

Finding the epic RMS Titanic in LEGO form can be tricky, but the set is still available from selected sellers.

LEGO Titanic Sea Banner

The LEGO ICONS Titanic (10294) set is one of the most popular sets in the LEGO range, and it's not hard to see why. The iconic ship of dreams is one of the largest and most detailed models available, instantly drawing the eye when on display with its long body (over 135 cm in length) and smart colour scheme.

The Titanic began its maiden voyage in 1912, not knowing that it faced a fateful date with destiny. Now collectors can honour the legacy of the famous ocean liner with a 1:2000 scale LEGO model.

The meticulous replica appeals to LEGO fans of all ages and is one of the most collectable sets ever released – but where can you buy it?

Best LEGO Titanic display Case

Since its release last year, the LEGO ICONS Titanic (10294) has regularly been marked as “Temporarily out of stock” on the UK LEGO website. Assuming the model does eventually come back in stock, the price will be part of the new price adjustment at £589.99.

It is safe to assume that the famous ocean liner is in such high demand that LEGO is struggling to produce new pieces and parts quickly enough to restock it.

Titanic display case for LEGO

The LEGO Creator Expert Titanic (10294) is available on Amazon.co.uk, though for a vastly inflated price of £995.99. Unless you are desperate to get hold of the model, we would suggest waiting for it to come back in stock at the LEGO store or heading to eBay.

At the time of writing, used LEGO Titanic sets are available on eBay for a minimum price of £530.00, with new, unopened sets closer to the £680.00 mark. While these cost more than the LEGO store, they are still within a reasonable price range for an out-of-stock set – for now.

Size Measurements of the LEGO Titanic

How Many Pieces Is the LEGO Titanic Set?

The set includes over 9,000 pieces and offers a great building experience for fans of naval history and shipbuilding. This is the one for you if you’re looking for a challenging project.

The model splits into three cross-sections to reveal faithfully recreated interiors across all levels of the ship – including the traditional grandeur of the first-class dining room, smoking lounge, grand staircase, cabins, engine room and swimming pool. Special attention has also been paid to external features such as the decking, vents and rigging.

Three sections of the LEGO Titanic

Is the LEGO Titanic Worth Buying?

The set is one of the most expensive LEGO sets at £554.99 £589.99. However, it will likely increase in value far beyond that amount once LEGO eventually retires the product.

The set includes a host of authentic and accurate details, such as lifeboats, flags, iconic steam funnels, and over 300 portholes. Fans can also discover the ship’s bridge, propellors and cargo crane.

Collectors looking to capture the imagination and test new waters need to look no further than this colossal set.

LEGO Titanic Custom Black Acrylic Plaque

How To Display Your LEGO Titanic Model

iDisplayit is proud to present a bespoke, custom display case for the epic LEGO Titanic model. The container is made from the best quality transparent acrylic to ensure your masterpiece is protected from dust and environmental damage while retaining its elegance.

In addition to our standard white or black bases, the display solution is also available with a dark brown timber base to match your model’s shipbuilding elements and heighten the style.

Historic Old Photo of the RMS Titanic

Interesting Facts About the Real RMS Titanic

Did you know that:

  1. The Titanic cost $7,500,000 to build.
  2. The ship used 825 tonnes of coal daily to power the engines.
  3. The fourth funnel on the top of the ship was technically fake – it was used for ventilation and not connected to the boilers like the rest.
  4. The ship used approximately 10,000 lamps to light up the interiors.
  5. It took 2 hours and 40 minutes for The Titanic to sink.



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