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Game Over? The Best New Comfy Console Gaming Chairs & Accessories – 2024 Guide


Game Over? The Best New Comfy Console Gaming Chairs & Accessories

There are plenty of brands selling unique computer chairs and seats aimed at PC gamers (such as Secretlab and GT Omega), but you don’t always hear about ergonomic, soft support chair products targeted towards console users. Perhaps that is because console gamers often have the luxury of sitting in bed or on a sofa, rather than being stuck at a rigid desk.

But what can you do if you want to enjoy a long gaming session on TV when you don’t have space for a sofa or a similar ready-made solution?

Game Over

GAME OVER – The Leader in Console Seating

Game Over specialises in pillows, beanbag seats, arm supports and more, aimed directly at console users. Created by gamers, for gamers, their products also incorporate handy pockets (great for holding controllers or snacks), headphone hooks, and air vents (to help seats mould to a user’s body shape).

Having tried out some of the products ourselves, we were very impressed with the varied options and the quality of the water-resistant fabrics. The bean bag chairs also felt durable and built to last for frequent gaming sessions. Did we also mention they are great for movie marathons?

Check out a few of our top product picks below, all of which would make great gifts for hardcore and casual gamers –

Game Over

Classic Bean Bag


This gaming chair staple contours to the shape of your body as soon as you sit down, guaranteeing it will quickly become a part of your furniture you can’t game without. Its sizable dimensions – 83cm in length, 60cm in width, and 83cm in height – ensure a snug fit for gamers of all sizes.

Game Over

The Last of Us Special Edition Footstool


You can buy a varied selection of gaming footstools at Game Over, but we particularly love this version, which includes an in-house designed art print referencing the legendary gaming series, The Last of Us. This footstool can also be paired with a bean bag and pillow based on the same design and colour scheme.

Game Over

Gaming Support Cushion


You may already have your seating setup maxed out – in which case this arm support cushion might be a handy extra. The cushion prevents a user’s lower back from leaning forward, maintaining a healthy posture. The two side pockets are also a funky addition for storing a phone or similar items.

Game Over

Gaming Lounger


This premium, longer version of the bean bag console seat allows you to recline at your leisure while enjoying ultimate posture comfort. With measurements of 120cm in length, 65cm in width, and 83cm in height, it’s a perfect fit for gamers of all sizes. Just try not to fall asleep when you lie back to watch your favourite TV shows or movies!

Game Over

Gaming Cushion


These vivid and comfortable cushions are a great gift option for your gamer friends, partner or family at any time of year. With a range of funny slogans and eye-catching gaming quotes, you’re sure to find something for every fan.

Game Over


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